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Acid Reflux causes and Treatment



I invest in myself to do YouTube and to do
my other ventures. I’ve always been into camera stuff. I’ve always done editing and camera things
before I got into fitness. Obviously, within that time I invest in myself,
I invest in equipment. We all do it, we get into YouTube fitness
and we want to show people what we do. We want to be a part of this community, so
at certain point you realize you need cameras, you need equipment. The same way when you get into the gym, you
need certain things. You need weightlifting belts, weightlifting
shoes, gloves, whatever it is, gym memberships, you invest in yourself. And you invest in yourself because it’s
important for what you are trying to do. It’s necessary and you enjoy doing it, even
when it’s hard, even when you have to make sacrifices, even when certain things take
time. You do it because it’s important and it’s
necessary and it’s what you want to do. And we all take pride when we invest in ourselves,
especially with YouTube, especially with equipment. We buy editing software, we want to show it. We buy cameras, lenses, tripods, all of these
things we show each other and we want to share. And again, we save up that money, we do things
to make the money to invest back into ourselves. Why is it that we have such an easy time to
do that but when it comes to investing in our health it’s so hard? Now we start having all these excuses. Now for most people, investing in their health
and investing in life consists of, I go to the gym, I buy protein powder, I buy supplements,
I buy pre-workout, I buy multi-vitamins, I invest in my health. I count my macros and watch my calories, I’m
investing, I drink the water. But it’s a lot deeper than that. Now, we are making these excuses when we really
have to start investing. The problem is, most of us are focused on
the outside in, actually the outside out. We’re not properly investing in ourselves
from the inside out and that’s where the real importance is, that’s what the real
health is. When it comes to eating right, if you want
to eat organic, it’s expensive, it’s time-consuming. You have to go to certain places to get it. You’ve got to spend a lot more money, all
these different things. We keep finding excuses to do that because
it’s expensive. So it’s easier for me to spend money and
invest in camera equipment so that I can show you what I’m doing and I can show you that
I’m trying to be healthy and I’m trying to get fit but when it comes to actually investing
in quality things that we are putting inside of our bodies, it’s going to make us feel
better, it’s going to help us to live, that’s going to make our minds and our brains function,
then it becomes difficult, now it’s expensive. I just spend a thousand dollars on a camera,
$400 on a lens but I can’t spend $60 on some greens, organic stuff. I can’t do it, it’s too expensive. Now we start finding all these excuses and
we are still going out, we’re still buying sneakers, we’re still buying cars, we’re
still….we’re doing all these other things and making all these excuses but we feel like
we’re doing something, because we’re looking good, we’re healthy, we’re in the gym,
we are getting slim, we are muscular. So I’m fit, I feel good, but I still have
acid reflux. I have no idea what’s really going on in
my body. My brain is cloudy so I’m constantly drinking
pre workouts and caffeine and this and that to make my mind sharper, but I’m putting
all this garbage in my body. But at the same time you’re into fitness
and you’re into body building so you’re eating a lot of protein and chicken and so
you are doing something, you are investing. I’m investing in chicken and this is…there
is more to it than that, but we are not thinking about that. Also, we are not investing in our mental fitness. We are not investing enough into ourselves. We don’t do enough, just to find peace,
be content, be relaxed, decompressed from the stress and anxiety of life, to get off
of medications and get away from the pharmaceutical stuff. We will keep giving our money to the doctors
and the big companies and all this, for what? There are so many things you can do naturally
on your own but we refuse to do it. We refuse to take our time. We refuse to invest our time and energy to
even look into these things and research. We just don’t have the time for it, because
I’m making YouTube videos, I’m watching YouTube videos, I’m testing out camera equipment,
I’m doing this, I’m in the gym. Yo, we’re doing this backwards. We are doing it backwards. I’m not going to get real much deeper into
this because I feel like I’ve said enough, think about it. Let’s just make a change.


  • Dude, yes. Why is it so hard to invest in our own health but no problem spending on material things we don't need?

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