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Meet MedCline – MedCline Reflux Relief System Intro Video

Meet MedCline – MedCline Reflux Relief System Intro Video

This is MedCline. The nighttime reflux solution that you want on your side of the bed. This is you, sleeping blissfully on your new acid reflux relief system. Before MedCline, you were counting hours of painful heartburn instead of counting sheep. Lack of sleep brought fatigue at home… …and at work. For your health’s sake, you know that you need to stop the reflux. But using medications comes with long-term risks including, dementia and Alzheimer’s, hearts and kidney disease, and bone fractures, as well as a host of others. So, you go out and try every pillow, wedge, and home remedy you can find to try to put out the fire at night. But nothing solved your problem… …until now. Using MedCline is simple. Just place MedCline on your side of the bed and lie down by inserting your arm into the patented arm pocket, allowing you to sleep comfortably on your side. After that, you simply fall asleep. This inclined AND side sleeping position places your esophagus high and above the stomach, while gravity pulls acidic contents down and away, making it very difficult for stomach acid to enter your esophagus and wreak havoc. By gently holding you in this position, MedCline is the only product that comfortably maintains this position, prevent sliding down and when used with the therapeutic body pillow keeps you from rolling to your back. MedCline was conceived by our founder, a retired physician and longtime GERD suffer like you. More than three years were invested in obsessive designing, prototyping, and testing to bring MedCline to you. Today, MedCline superiority is backed by five independent clinical trials and we guarantee its effectiveness with our 60-night relief guarantee. Finally, a reflux solution you can sleep with. Meet MedCline.

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