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Meet Gastroenterologist William Ravich, MD

Meet Gastroenterologist William Ravich, MD

– I’m a Gastroenterologist,
that means I take care of people with intestinal
problems or stomach problems. My area of interest is
actually swallowing disorders and esophageal disease
but the subspecialty of gastroenterology
included stomach disorders, ulcer disease, intestinal
disorders like problems with absorption or
constipation or diarrhea. I think what enjoy about
gastroenterology is that it’s a blend of thought and action. It involves the cognitive
requirements to figure out what’s going on, what’s wrong,
what can be done about it and action in terms of
endoscopy procedures. And there aren’t that
many fields in medicine, internal medicine in particularly which combine those two in relative balance. So I really enjoy that. It’s a nice opportunity to use your hands and to use our brain at the same time.

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