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Acid Reflux causes and Treatment

MedCline™ Reflux Relief System – The Anatomy of Reflux

MedCline™ Reflux Relief System – The Anatomy of Reflux

Hi, my name is Aaron Clark. I’m a mechanical engineer and one of the
co-developers of MedCline™. In this video, we’re going to be discussing your stomach anatomy and how it affects
reflux. We have here a model the stomach. Your stomach has a exit valve, here, called the pyloric sphincter and this tube, here,
represents your esophagus or the tube that brings food for your mouth down to
your stomach. Now, right before this tube connects with your stomach is something
called the lower esophageal sphincter. This is a circular band of muscles that
opens up to let food through enter stomach and is supposed to close to keep
the food from going back out into your esophagus. To show how this works, we are going to
fill the stomach with some fluid Okay. So I have my stomach here, full of
fluid. Now, you’re wondering, what causes
heartburn night? Well, when you’re upright during the day, your stomach contents if
it comes up and goes into your esophagus it can come right back down because
gravity works pretty well for bringing it back down to the stomach. At night however, this represents you sleeping
on your back. As you can see, the valve if
its operating improperly, it’ll open up to allow this reflux to come back into
your esophagus. So what can you do about this? Well some
people try to sleep on a bed wedge or elevating the head of their bed. Now, if
you’re elevating the head of your bed you’re at a little bit of an angle which
can kind of help a little bit. If your on a bed wedge you can be at
a little bit more angle, But the problem is, you end up sliding down to where just your head and
shoulders are elevated, which your upper body and your stomach, its ends up being flat,
which does nothing for reflux. So, what else can you do? Well, doctors often recommend sleeping on
your left side as opposed to your right. Why is that? Well, if you’re on your right
side, this represents your stomach on the right side, this valve, the lower esophageal
sphincter, can actually become submerged in your stomach acid and stomach contents. So, if that valve were to open up, here,
this liquid content flows right into your esophagus causing heartburn, regurgitation…
some really distressing symptoms. So instead, doctors have you sleep on
your left side. This is because when you’re on your left
side, the lower esophageal sphincter can actually be below this air fluid level or the level of
the stomach contents in your stomach. So, you might wonder, well
then how can… If my stomach content is down here, how could
it get into my esophagus, because you probably tried sleeping on your left side? Well, when your stomach squeezes to
squeeze the food out the pyloric sphincter this, as your stomach squeezes, can actually
push the food back the other direction. If you have a poor functioning lower
esophageal sphincter. If you’re incline is not working, your left side is not working all that
well, what can you do? That’s where MedCline™ comes into play. MedCline™ provides superior inclining
compared to a wedge or putting blocks under the head of your bed, but also allows you to
sleep on your left side Let me show you. On MedCline™, not only are
you left side, so you get this benefit of pulling that fluid away, but as you do the
incline it pulls this air fluid level even further away from your lower
esophageal sphincter. What does that do for you? Well, as your
stomach squeezes to the squeeze the food out, if any food does happen to go up
into your esophagus, gravity will pull right back down. So you’re getting the benefits of fewer reflux episodes your left side and if any
other episode happens to occur it goes away much faster because of the
incline. So, that’s a little bit about how MedCline™ works. If you have any
other questions, please give us a call at 1-800-610-1607 or shoot us
an email at [email protected]

4 Replies to “MedCline™ Reflux Relief System – The Anatomy of Reflux”

  • Nice idea but the opening where you put your left arm through kills my arm all night. It literally falls asleep because the corner of the opening hits right into the inside bicep. When sliding down that pressure increases and cuts off circulation. It's pretty brutal. I'm surprised nobody else has brought that up. Also, the pillow leaves you super achey and with poor sleep quality. I went back to my normal pillow after 3 weeks of trying this and finally woke up rested. Also, even if I'm tilted up the acid still comes up! The pillow needs much more research as it leaves my neck in pain and the left side of my left upperleg uncomfortable from my bodyweight sliding into it. The U-pillow is also super hard. I have a plush pillow-top so sleeping on this reminds me of my days of sleeping on a bedspring. There should be some kind of options available for different cushions/styles to suit different people especially for $400 bucks. I'm willing to give it another shot in the future if medcline changes the design and improves it especially the arm pocket.

  • I have had this for three weeks and I love it!!!!!!!! No more reflex still have to wait 2hr to sleep after eating and what I eat but it does wonders!!!!!

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