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MedCline™ Design and Features

MedCline™ Design and Features

Hi, my name is Clint Erickson. I lead the
development team here at Amenity Health. I want to introduce you to MedCline™ Acid
Reflux Relief System. Quite possibly, the most highly
engineered and purpose-built wedge pillow on the planet. When we set out to create this
miraculous device two things drove almost every decision — effectiveness and comfort. If the product worked, but wasn’t
comfortable patients wouldn’t use it. And of course, if it was comfortable, but
ineffective, well, that would be equally unacceptable.
We set out to achieve both comfort and effectiveness and one comprehensive
device. We understand heartburn and GERD personally, sadly we know it is a painful,
daily battle, one that frustrating continues well into the night. And depending on what you eat it’s
almost unavoidable. We needed to develop a product that
could withstand the repeated use a chronic suffer would
require and we chose top quality materials accordingly. Starting with the core foam, we
evaluated and tested a myriad of foam types, trying to find the sweet spot
between maximum support and pressure relieving comfort MedCline™ contains a proprietary
combination of layered foam types using a high resilient foam at its
foundation and a finely calibrated memory foam topper. The perimeter uses
a third firmer foam to improve lateral security and edge stability. Then the
Body Pillow, when placed on top, completes our comfort and effectiveness goals. This
patented support cushion not only functions like a luxurious pillow for
your head and neck, but also wraps around your torso in between your legs for a
secure and stable night’s sleep. It’s top-of-the-line shredded foam
interior is malleable enough to be adjusted, but sturdy enough to last for
years to come. All of these components come together to
create what we call Cradle-Loc™ technology — The unique way MedCline™ ergonomically
accommodates the internal placement of your arm, gently locking you in place and
preventing sliding down, while the Body Pillow supports you laterally and limits
unwanted rolling to your back or stomach. Not only does MedCline™ effectively
inclined you, the patient, but it’s designed to easily integrate into your
nightly routine by occupying only one side of the mattress, leaving your spouse or
sleepmate to rest undisturbed. Both the Incline Base and the Body Pillow have removable covers that are made here
in the U.S. at our facility in San Diego, California. Great care and consideration was taken in fabric selection and construction to make sure the outer covers could
withstand repeated washings right along with the rest of your bed linens. Everything from the seams to the
zippers has been strategically placed to maximize comfort and durability. MedCline™ is the ultimate natural
solution for your nighttime acid reflux symptoms. Craftsmanship was paramount in
it’s development, thus the foams, fabrics, and all the
individual components that make MedCline™ superior, were individually evaluated and
tested to ensure comfort, support, effectiveness night in and night out. MedCline™ works better than anything else
because it was designed to be better than anything else! Rethink your natural relief options and
enjoy heartburn-free sleep tonight. Please go to medcline.com to learn more.

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  • This could be used for my rotators in my shoulders. I damaged both shoulders in my youth and can only "sleep" on my back. Sleeping on my side pinches the nerve in the shoulder.After 30 years I still hate sleeping on my back and this may work. Do other people use this for rotator cuffs? .

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