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Acid Reflux causes and Treatment

MedCline™ Acid Reflux Relief System – Testimonial from Laurie

MedCline™ Acid Reflux Relief System – Testimonial from Laurie

I’ve suffered with allergies, asthma and, sinus most of my life and in the last few years its just gotten out of control. I had sinus surgery this past June and after having the surgery I started… I lost my voice. I started having more problems and my allergy… It wasn’t my asthma. I thought it was my asthma. I finally went in and saw my asthma doctor and he said, “No, your asthma is wonderful. Matter of fact, its never been this good.” So, he started looking at other avenues and my ENT that did my sinus surgery, you know, he’s like… as they got together they’re like, “We think this is an LPR. So, they shared it with me. My doctor shared it with me and he recommended the pillow and I’m like, oh, what’s a pillow going to do with acid reflux, with asthma. That took a little getting used to but, by the fourth or fifth night, I was sleeping all night. I wasn’t waking up anymore and I was feeling rested. I like… My husband loves it as much as I do, because I don’t snore anymore. So, we both get a really good night’s sleep. Its just amazing. I’m only using one inhaler instead of using three or four and a lot of other medications. So it’s a blessing. I love my pillow, my MedCline. I was getting pretty depressed, because I was feeling sick all the time. And I have to say, these last month and a half, I’ve had more ambition. I’m going more. I’m doing more. I’m well-rested and I know the MedCline has got a lot to do with that.

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