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me crying over how much i love kpop

me crying over how much i love kpop

hey guys what’s up it’s Ryan welcome to
helloxryan that’s what you’re watching cool yeah so a lot of people
want me to react to kpop like a lot of people just really want and I think
that’s a great video idea but I’ve already seen every single music video that has ever
existed in the genre of kpop already, so I was like dang I can’t really react to
something that i’ve already seen but then I was like yes I can and so I was like you
know what I’m just gonna watch some k-pop and see what happens that’s this
videos like you’re just gonna watch a gay kid be triggered by kpop isn’t that
so fun I just want to make this video so I could talk about kpop for a long time
okay cool let’s get started I’m ready to just watch some kpop a
soft pillow baby he is a soft pillow baby of God I want him to shove a
cabbage down my esophagus the worst part about it is that he knows his
angles it’s oh my god ugh the cat oh my god that baseline is so angelic I
want it to attack me a soft baby jimin must be protected at
all costs that that song makes me feel so safe that baseline is incredible I’m
slowly spinning in my chair oh my god I need to calm
I need a calm down I need a calm I need to calm I need a chill that song makes
me feel all the feels I’m triggered okay after BTS I’m just gonna do NCT cuz
they’re less triggering I mean they’re the same amount of triggering don’t get
me wrong and I think I won’t cry the 7th sense music video is the epitome of art Oh Oh i want him to choke me out is that legal we should
file a complaint I give Mark full permission to just throw me
across a football field oh my god my ovaries I just want them all to spit on me I
feel like I just had sex the choreography is insane I love my
hard-working man they worked so hard I love that God is
real look look look and then and then he’ll
disappear into the into the wilderness they’re such good little man
hard-working man at work I want to be a kpop star
Oh finger contact daddy’s cereal daddy’s about to come up we love and respect our
cereal daddy in this household here’s heres the part im just so
jealous of that icing right now oh my god I feel like I just got shot
I’m out of breath their music videos are an experience I just I love like they
owe hurt okay guys it’s gonna be for this video I I love music more than I
love live if you guys enjoyed this video make sure you click the like button and
subscribe for more content like this would woo and yeah I’ll see you guys
next time let’s channel bye love you

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