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Legend of the Dragon Kings (Souryuuden) Episode 08 (Eng Subs)

Legend of the Dragon Kings (Souryuuden) Episode 08 (Eng Subs)

RAMPAGE OF THE IRON DRAGON Amaru! Amaru! Amaru! Amaru, are you okay? Do you feel sick? I had a weird dream. Dream? I saw the Earth, floating up in the sky. The Earth? Where were you? I don’t know. You were there, Hajime.
So was Tsuzuku and Owaru. We were all together. They have us surrounded. Finally awake, Amaru? I’ve raided the Mulligan refrigerators. You can’t work on an empty stomach. It’s bad manners to steal,
but let’s eat. Shut up! You kids should be in bed! Hey, cop! Out of my way! What was that? Didn’t you hear me?
The army’s here to take over! And we outrank the police, understand? So get out of my way! Do you have a problem with that? Sir, will you stop this! First the Government Building’s
destroyed, now a terrorist scare? Tokyo’s getting scarier all the time. This is real caviar. Pate de foie gras! And vintage wine! This foundation must be rich! An excellent meal. I wish we had a more relaxing
atmosphere, so we could enjoy it. Yes. Owaru will be jealous.
He really likes to eat. I wonder where he is? Tanks! They’re surrounding us? We’ve been mistaken
for some kind of monsters. Division Headquarters:
This is the 103rd Armored Company. We’re in position! After 40 years in office, the reputation of my
Dove Party is ruined! Don’t worry, Mr. Prime Minister,
your place in history is secure! After all, you’re invading
your own country! Mr. Secretary General! This isn’t the American army,
those are Japanese tanks! Hey, let me try a shot! Sir, can’t you say anything reasonable? You’ll get in trouble! Sometimes an officer has to take risks! Hey, tank-jockeys! You’re pretty cheerful, army boy. Who are you? Just a public servant, like you.
I thought I’d say hello. Can it be… Nijikawa? Mizuchi! It’s Mizuchi! What a strange place for a reunion! I didn’t know you’d become
a government dog! And how about you? I never
thought you’d go into the army! I just like guns. Running around, scaring
defenseless people! I love it! You never change. Want a bite? It’s Shinkai. He got here quick. The three of them finally met up: Saburo Shinkai, Kohei Nijikawa… and Masahiko Mizuchi. They have 14 tanks. The unit
came in from Ichigaya Garrison. I’m impressed. That’s quick
reaction time for the Japanese. We have contact with Tsukuba. I hear the Dragon Brothers
are attacking you. I never expected them to
make a frontal assault. What are you going to do? Do you mind if three dragons
appear over Tokyo? Fine. I suggest you take the one
near you to the U.S. Of course. Best of luck, Mr. Townsend. I’m hungry! A mouse couldn’t get through this net. What do you suggest? We’ve eaten our fill; shall we go? While Owaru tried to escape,
Hajime decided to go to Tsukuba. And I was a crucial element
in our escape. Take more photos!
I want my close-up on the front page! Film doesn’t grow on trees! I apologize!
I’m sorry my commander is so selfish! Who is he? Masahiko Mizuchi. We worked
together, back in high school. He always was a camera-hog.
He wanted to be a movie star. So why did he join the JSDF? No idea. He’s just weird sometimes. Thanks! Nijikawa, is this place
some sort of secret CIA base? Something like that. The government ordered us
to surround the building, and to do nothing else. The Americans from Yokota
get to hog all the fun? Oh, come on! This is my first chance to have
some fun with these things! It’s a girl! She needs help! What? An employee’s daughter? She’s Japanese! We have to rescue her! But we were ordered not to interfere! Shut up! Do you want to let
the JSDF steal all our credit? Miss, where are the terrorists? They’re all up on the second floor.
Nobody’s down here. Really? Great! Success! You look good in anything, Tsuzuku! I’m afraid it’s a little too large. Excuse me. Now for Part 2 of our escape plan! I’m sorry, I have to stay
in Tsukuba again tonight. Lock up the house, and get some sleep. You brought me some tea?
What a generous fellow! Look, Bud, I’m getting tired of running. I want you to show me the exit. Don’t kill me!
I’ve got a wife and child! If you want to live, lead me outside! I feel sorry for you,
working for that creepy old geezer! Don’t tell anyone that I let you out. Yeah, I know!
You don’t want to get fired! He’d do more than that!
He’d dissect me! Dissect you?
Yeah, I guess he would, wouldn’t he? My son’s in school.
They don’t seem to like individualists. I’ll bet you’re pretty lonely in school. No, actually it’s fun.
I just hate studying. I want my son to have a normal life. Isn’t that the most important thing…
having a normal life? Are you trying to be ironic? No. I just… Not really. I would have a normal life
if you guys would leave me alone. Say, Bud, when do we get to the exit? We’ll be there soon. You caught the Ryudo boy? Excellent, Yokose! Excellent! Doctor! He was just leading me on! It’s so cold!
Is he trying to freeze me solid? How weird! My entire body’s gone numb! Hajime! I thought I heard Owaru’s voice. What is it? We need backup! Wait for the signal.
They’ll need at least six men. What about these two? They’ll be fine,
but we’re going to the hospital. Right. Take that patrol car. It’s you! You’re under… Amaru! It’s them! THEY were the terrorists? Get in! This will get us to Tsukuba! Why are we going backwards? Matsuri, do you have a driver’s license? No, but I can drive! Wait a second! I’ll drive!
Trade seats with me. There’s no time! They sure get around. Out of my way! You’re a really interesting driver. That got us nearly a hundred meters. Let’s get out of here!
We can find another car. Why don’t we use a tank? Tanks can go fast, too. Of course! And it won’t be
stopped by roadblocks. Fine idea. Forgive me for being so abrupt. Who the hell are you? Excuse me… Hello! Excellent work! Stop it! Have a nice day! So long! Be my guest! So who’s going to drive? I guess I’ll have to. Could I give it a try? Aren’t you the guy from
the bombing range at Mt. Fuji? I’m glad you remember me, Miss. I’m in the army’s Division One. Second Lieutenant Masahiko Mizuchi. I can handle a tank. Why would you help us? I like to have a good time. Driving around town in a tank
would be really fun. Out of my way. Your friend Mizuchi just got in a tank. What is he thinking? He’s not thinking anything!
He’s always been that way. The terrorists have stolen Tank 5! All units pursue! Capture them!
Do not engage! Repeat: All units pursue and capture! This is great! How fast can you go? The specifications claim
it tops out at 70 kph. But we could do 90,
if we really pushed it. Tanks are pretty fast! Do you have a preferred escape route? We aren’t escaping. We need to rescue our brother.
Can you take us to Tsukuba? Tsukuba? Right, Mac. Your friends are joining us. It’s no fun without a crowd!
Now for a real party! Go Iron Dragon! Iron Dragon? Good name. I can’t go on! If I get any colder,
I’ll be an ice dragon! Hajime! Hajime! The brothers knew full well
what that glow meant. It was a brilliant pillar of light. But to the Ryudo brothers,
it was an omen of doom! Hajime, that was… Owaru. Did Owaru turn into a dragon? No, but he was about to. They stole a tank? The Dragon Brothers have
made it easy on me. How’s that? What if that tank
was accidentally blown up? I see. There would be three
angry dragons loose in Tokyo. But is the JSDF going to
attack the tank inside the city? I can’t trust this to the JSDF. This isn’t a JSDF coup d’etat, is it? No. Someone’s just stolen a tank. JUST stolen a tank? Those things cost over a billion yen! It isn’t like stealing a bike! There’s a tank approaching. The Prime Minister is depending on us! For the honor of the
Metropolitan Police! We must stop that criminal tank! Stop! Stop or we’ll shoot! Go ahead and try it, you bozo! Bozo? Lieutenant Mizuchi!
We know you’re in there! Pull over to the side
of the road! Over. Well if it isn’t the Major!
The terrorists are threatening me! I have to follow their demands. Over. What kind of crap is that? You climbed into that tank
of your own free will! Over. I was just trying to capture
the terrorists. Over. They captured you? Didn’t you know
you were outgunned? Over. In World War II, did Japan know it was
outgunned by America? Over. That’s enough! Let me talk
to the terrorists! Over. Want to talk? Sorry, I don’t think he’s
in a mood to listen. That’s true. Hey, Mizuchi! Send the
terrorists out! Over. He’s really getting on my nerves.
Eat this! We’re completely surrounded! End of the line? Don’t worry.
One shot and they’ll all back off. Surround the tank! Capture them, but don’t shoot! Yes, sir! What’s that? Mizuchi! What’s up, Nijikawa?
You want to play, too? This is no joke! I just want to retire and
live out my life on social security. Hey, Ryudo! You all right? Shinkai? Is that you? Of course! Have you heard
there are terrorists in the city? Sorry. We have our reasons. Good evening, Mr. Shinkai! Hi, kid! Don’t let them get
you into too much trouble. Too late, I guess. Mizuchi, Japan is a democracy.
Easy on the mutiny, okay? That all depends on our opponents. Shinkai, please go back! Nijikawa! They’ll be sending you to
arrest me soon. See you then. You know those two? You, too? Small world. That’s quite a
coincidence. Pump! Pump! They’re going to run us over! You’re too heavy!
You should go on a diet! I’m skinny! I’m the Michael Jackson
of my department! Skinny? Where? Use the machine gun! Force them to back off! Can you do it, Hajime? This is really Owaru’s department. Out of my way! Incredible! That looks terrifying! They’ve never even been close
to combat, so it’s all just looks. Stop it! Gunships! What? Using guns in the middle
of town is so irresponsible! They aren’t serious. If they were,
they’d use anti-tank rockets. There go the rockets! What kind of soldier
fires on his own men? Those aren’t JSDF helicopters. They’re probably… U.S. Helicopters are on the scene? Mr. Secretary General!
Did you ask the U.S. Military for help? No! Why would the U.S. Military attack us? Maybe because we attacked
an American corporation. You mean, this is retaliation? I think it’s a bit more than that. I really wanted to give
the helicopters a neutron bomb. You know, the neutron bomb
is the ultimate weapon! The dragons will be set free! How long will it take them
to destroy Tokyo? They probably want to
turn us into dragons. They wouldn’t! I’m so stupid! I’ve given them the
perfect opportunity! One of you… trade places with me! Why should we just wait?
I’m going to shoot back! You can’t! You’ve already stolen a tank.
Why get squeamish now? Come on, trade places with me! I’ll do it! Just keep it straight.
I’ll handle the targeting. Roger. You’re good at this! You’re great! I feel like I’m playing a video game. You bastards! Don’t
underestimate the JSDF! I can’t use the cannon
when they’re right above us! Just do something! Actually, we don’t have a chance
against anti-tank helicopters! Then… Now! Oh, no! Stop! Hajime! Good, you’re awake! Wonderful. I never start a dissection while
the subject’s still asleep. You’re strong, but you’ll
never break these cables. Tanks are pretty tough. The Iron Dragon will never die! Stop it! You bastard! I’m not a frog! You can’t just cut people open! Wait here, kid! You shouldn’t go wandering off,
Miss Landsdale. Is this your analysis of
Mr. Funazu’s blood? Yes. It’s too technical for you.
The DNA in his blood is mutating. It’s actually changing into some form
of nonhuman blood. Nonhuman? How interesting. The stolen tank is still missing? Yes. We’re forming a defensive
perimeter at the Edogawa River. If they try to leave Tokyo,
we’ll ambush them! An ambush… We’re calling it: Operation River Storm! A storm along the river?
Just don’t let it turn into a flood. Where are you taking me? We are removing you from this complex. This is preferable
to being dissected alive. I suppose so… It’s dead.
It expended all of its energy. You injected some of
Mr. Funazu’s blood into it? Exactly. That blood kept Funazu
healthy, even at the age of 90. Doctor Tamozawa, what are you after? I only want to satisfy
my scientific curiosity. I want to dissect the Ryudo brothers. Alive, of course. What is it? What? The Ryudo boy has… You helped him escape! Did I? You bitch! You’re coming with me! He’s got Gozen’s blood? Right! Gozen drank the blood of a
woman from Dragon Springs. Where would a mad doctor hide his
precious blood samples? That stuff’s too dangerous.
I have to get rid of it! Where is it? There he is! Dammit! My research laboratory! What a shame, Dr. Tamozawa. All your dragon blood
has been incinerated! You bitch! Excellent timing! It’s hard to believe that
something so heavy can float. Matsuri, I’m surprised at you. You must know that all
modern tanks are amphibious! I see something ahead. I expect it’s a JSDF
welcoming committee. Hajime? I know we’re different
from other people. I’m not worried about it,
but is it so bad? Should I try to act
just like everyone else? Yes, we are a little different. But I don’t think there’s
anything bad about it. I don’t know of anyone else like us. But different isn’t the same as evil. No matter what people would prefer,
we have to be ourselves. That will be good enough, Amaru. Great! I won’t worry about it anymore! Oh, no! This is bad! What happened? We’re taking on water. Water? I think we hit a rock. Our tank has a hole in its belly. What? This tank cost billions of yen! How can a billion-yen tank
be crippled by a rock? I’m afraid it’s just bad design. They had to skimp on armor
to allow for the air conditioning. Whoops! That’s supposed
to be a military secret! We’ll just have to put up with it,
until we reach shore. Air conditioning?
It did feel cool in there. Trading armor for comfort? I knew the JSDF was
unprepared for a real war. Japan is a peaceful country. End of the line. Everybody out. I wonder if this is the way to Tokyo? I’m so hungry! The Iron Dragon has been captured. What’ll we do, now? Leave it to me. I’m taking charge of these civilians. I need to get them someplace safe. Use that Jeep. Thanks! What was that? He’s helping some civilians. What? Lieutenant Mizuchi! You bastard! Oh, no! Don’t just stand there! Get him! They’re the ones who stole the tank! They sure are persistent! Owaru! He’s coming this way? You feel him, too? You do, too? Owaru is coming! Owaru is coming! Owaru! Hajime! Amaru! Matsuri! A single red rose fell
from the night sky. It was an invitation
to the Ryudo brothers. The long summer night
was just beginning. Stay right there, my dearest love, With the wind blowing onto you. Just like your hair,
blowing into the wind, There is lasting faith,
‘gainst an unknown fear. Everyone on this world, Is as lonely as the other. Nevertheless, we all help each other. Everyone of us has someone we love; Even across the sky
that you’re gazing at, We are all overflowing with our hope; I will always be the
friend at your side; lt’ll be all right;
have faith beyond today. Next episode: Matsuri! The Iron Dragon
was great, wasn’t it! It was fun! Oh, wonderful!
I barely managed to escape, when they caught me again! What now? I’ve had enough! Quit complaining!
You’re the hero this time! Really?
I bet I finally turn into a dragon! I’d better be ready for anything! Next: Storm of the White Dragon King! I’ll awaken next! I’m going to be a dragon, too!

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