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Laura’s Story (English)

Laura’s Story (English)

>>[Music] I was first diagnosed
with TB when I took myself to the emergency room
after I’d been misdiagnosed for a few months. I was coughing for
like about four months, and the doctors diagnosed me
with acid reflux, pneumonia, bronchitis, and I was really
getting sick, and I took myself to the emergency room, and that’s when I was
diagnosed with tuberculosis. The symptoms that I had were
cough, very productive cough, night sweats, weight
loss, loss of energy, didn’t have energy for anything. The main concern I had
where I was very scared, and I didn’t know much
about the sickness. I didn’t know much
about tuberculosis. I started learning with my
healthcare providers that came to my house every day to
provide me with the medicine. And I started asking questions. My biggest supporters throughout
the sickness were my family, my parents, my husband,
my kids, my friends, and also the community
where I work. The community where
I live is very small. Once they found out
that I had TB, of course they were very scared. They didn’t know how TB works
and how it’s contracted. Once the Health Department
educated them about tuberculosis they
really opened their hearts to support me. I want to bring awareness to
other people, to bring awareness to the public about
tuberculosis, and how can it be
contracted, and to the doctors to find a better cure or
to diagnose TB faster. [Music]

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