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Lap Band Surgery vs. Gastric Sleeve | Obesity

Lap Band Surgery vs. Gastric Sleeve | Obesity

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  • I was referred to a bariatric surgeon by a plastic surgeon because I have severe gynecomastia because of taking certain medications and my dangerously increasing bmi. I have extremely enlarged female-like breasts and the plastic surgeon will not operate on me at my current 5'8 and 281 pounds. I have weighed as much as 309 pounds at my heaviest. I am also experiencing horrifying urological problems and I had to be re-circumcised twice since 2016 because I couldn't urinate properly because of my stomach pushing forward. Except I have a very important concern. Which procedure – gastric banding, gastric sleeve, or gastric bypass will allow me to keep eating the most but still significantly less without complications? I'd still like to be able to eat around an ideal 1/3 of what I'm currently eating right now in order to gradually lose weight and not have to resort to losing so much of my stomach capacity that I can never enjoy a meal again. I really want to be thinner, at least as low as 230lb but no less than 170lb so my plastic surgeon will perform the male breast reduction operation and my breasts won't be deformed and cause psychological and physical issues for me.

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