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Kombucha Basics: Is Burping Necessary?

Kombucha Basics: Is Burping Necessary?

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  • Thank you very much for your vídeos! They are the best material I could find! I just recently started brewing. I'm on my second brew and tonight a bottle exploded inside my kitchen cabinet while I was away. I bottled the kombucha along with the fruit yesterday night (less than 24h ago!). I used tangerine, ginger and added just a little spoon of white sugar to get an extra fizz. Do you think the fruit (amount of acid) or the sugar had something to do with it? Or it was mostly because, as you said, I probably didn't use the right kind of bottle? Mine looks pretty much like the one you have on your right with the flip top.. Greetings from Brazil!

  • I look at the bottle with a flashlight… when tiny bubbles run up the side, it is fuzzed when it is doing that.

  • In beer making secondary fermentation is carefully measured to avoid over carbonation and exploding bottles. If you add too much priming sugar into secondary fermentation your bottles might explode.

  • I tried brewing kombucha for the first time and had an explosion from not burping my kombucha.
    I used California Home Goods swing top bottles. I burped one bottle, and didn't burp the other. The one that I didn't burp exploded and ruined my carpet. Two days into the second fermentation and then BOOM! I wish I had burped both bottles 🙁

  • I had a bottle explode 1 time that I had in the cupboard on a 2nd ferment. It blew the bottom of it out. NOW, I put the bottles into a big container (a cooler), so that if that ever happens again, it won't startle the shit out of me, and it will be a much easier mess to clean up. I highly recommend you NEVER put your 2nd fermenting bottles in the cupboard, just in case.

  • hey,
    my kombucha goes crazy after second fermentation. it gets over cabonated just in 3 days. when i open the bottle, half of the bottle spouts out like a geyser 🙂 and the rest goes flat not fizzy 🙁 how can i prevent this?

  • How do I take big chunks of fruit out of my bottles? How do I clean my bottles? Can you make a video on that? I have bottles that I can't clean, that have pieces of fruito glued on the internal wall? I bought a baby bottle cleaner but even with that II can't get a perfect clean.

  • I’ve been brewing kombucha for about 10 years and I’ve always used what I thought were good (clear) bottles with flip tops and I’ve had a few explode on me. When they blow, you better pray their in a closet or somewhere contained, because the glass will fly and it’s quite a mess.

  • I have had two 1/2 gal glass jugs break and explode all over my cupboard. I need to burp. So, What brand 1/2 gal jugs do you suggest?

  • I always chill mine and it always fizzes under too much pressure after 2nd fermentation. So I was thinking of burping.

  • brewed my first batch. didnt burp any bottles. AMAZING FIZZ! I've never had kombucha so fizzy and effervescent. It was like soda! I stored them in the GT bottles and no explosion.

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