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Know about Back and Neck Pain | Dr. Kaushik Sil (Bengali)

Know about Back and Neck Pain | Dr. Kaushik Sil (Bengali)

Hello. I am Dr Kaushik Sil, a brain and spine surgeon
at RN Tagore Hospital in Kolkata. Today, I’ll talk about back and neck pain. In this busy life, almost all of us suffer from
neck and back pain. It is almost like a lifestyle disease. It happens because we do not
take care of our neck and back. When we sit and work, we bend our necks, we check messages on the mobile phone
while stooping from the neck, when we sit on a sofa, we don’t always sit straight
but bend our backs. Also our posture is incorrect when we sleep. That’s why almost everyone
suffers from back pain. When does the pain become an emergency? When the pain moves down to
the arms or the legs, when the arms and the legs become numb or you have problem passing urine, please understand that it is then a medical emergency, and you must consult a doctor
at a spine centre. But, during the initial stages, when you have back pain
at the end of the day or neck pain, use a hot-water compress on the upper or the lower back and you’ll feel relieved. Under the supervision of a physiotherapist, learning some exercises or some basic yoga postures will help. If you do them regularly your back pain will go away. Another very important thing is to do light exercises daily- have a brisk walk for half an hour, walk so fast that you sweat follow certain rules, for example, do not bend forward
without bending your knees, be careful while pulling down luggage
from a higher position like a train bunk so that you don’t pull a muscle
in the back or the neck. Other than that, do not take painkillers
on a regular basis for such pain. Whenever you feel terrible pain, stop working for 2-3 days, and lead a restful life for pain relief Back pain may not be completely cured but, if you follow a disciplined lifestyle
and take good care, then you can often keep the pain under control.

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