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Kiatsu Head & Neck Pain Treatment : Kiatsu Chest Line A Neck Treatment

Kiatsu Head & Neck Pain Treatment : Kiatsu Chest Line A Neck Treatment

Alright. We’ve gotten the shoulder to release,
and it’s helped. We’re going to move on to the neck and the center part of the chest.
Again, this is in direct relationship to headaches, eye strain, neck strain. These all tie in
together, so we need to make sure that these things are done in a system and everything
is tied into one, each other. Again, your A line is always going to be your center line.
The B line is always going to be anywhere from one finger width to two finger widths
off of the center line. And it’s A, B, C, and then the D line is always on the exterior.
And you’re going to find that the A line is relatively not going to be that painful or
that discomforting, and but as you move further out and as a greater amount of stress is being
removed from the center of the body and pushed to the outside of the body, the stress and
the discomfort level will increase. But as people get used to this and as the process
happens and as things move down, it becomes significantly less as you pass the beyond
the medium line of the body, which is below the center point. So, in this case, the neck.
So, be very careful. You’re going to go, roughly the end line is the center of the sternum,
the beginning of it is just above the Adam’s apple. So, you want to be very very light.
You’re not actually pushing that far into it, you’re pushing about half way into the
sponge on this. And bypass the Adam’s apple by going around it. You don’t want to push
hard on it. You can do damage to it if you’re not very careful. But come around it. Now you’re going to come into that, into that
soft spot in the neck where if you push into it you’re going to be choking, gagging, so
make sure you don’t push right on down. And as you reach the sternum you can increase
pressure again.

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