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Is Your Chest pain a Heart Attack? What to do if You have a Heart Attack? Doctor Prasoon

Is Your Chest pain a Heart Attack? What to do if You have a Heart Attack? Doctor Prasoon

Hey, what’s up? doctor prasoon here. Could
that chest pain that you’re experiencing, could it be a heart attack, what is a
heart attack and what is the difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest.
What should you do if you are suspecting a heart attack in yourself or if you are
trying to help a person who you think is having a heart attack. That is coming up
in this video. This is Dofody. The best online portal in India where you can
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any of our future videos When they are released. Your heart is actually a muscle
which keeps on working every single minute. Its main function is to pump
blood to different parts of your body and where does your heart get its energy
from? Our heart has its own blood supply and these vessels are called as coronary
vessels. A heart attack happens when these coronary vessels get blocked by a
clot or a plaque formation, when these vessels gets blocked the blood supply to
your heart is compromised. Your heart does not gets the energy to beat and
that is when you experience a chest pain. This condition is called as a heart
attack and when this heart attack persists for
a long time your heart suddenly stops beating and that condition is called as
cardiac arrest. Many persons experience chest pain and chest pain could be due
to many reasons, ranging from a simple heart attack to a pain in the muscles in
between your ribs. The probability is that in most cases chest pain could be
due to a heart problem. Now if the chest pain is due to a heart
attack, the pay we’ll be characteristic. Now if the pain
is due to a heart attack, you will be able to differentiate that pain from
other causes of chest pain based on the characteristics of the pain itself. A
pain due to heart attack will be really discomforting for the patient. The
patient often says that he feels like there is an extra pressure on the chest,
it is just like an elephant sitting on your chest. You will find it very
difficult to breathe, there will be severe tension on your chest wall,
shortness of breath, sometimes there will be even gasping for breath. In most cases
this chest pain will be in the central part of your chest and sometimes it may
radiate to your neck to the jaws and sometimes to the back and both the arms.
This pain will be persistent and it usually lasts for more than twenty to
thirty minutes. The person who is experiencing a heart attack might be
sweating a lot, there will be high level of anxiety an imminent sense of doom.Now
there are two situations that you need to consider, If the chest pain is
experienced only when the person is exerting, that means when the pain is
experienced only during, walking, running, climbing stairs or doing some physical
exercise and it is relieved when the person takes rest, then you should
definitely talk to your doctor take an ECG and do the other tests which are
recommended by your doctor. This condition can often be managed with just
medicines changes in your diet and lifestyle alone. But, there is a second
situation if the pain is persistent and it is felt even when the person is
resting then that is an emergency condition.You need to rush to an
emergency department as soon as possible. Your heart muscle is crying out for
blood and if the proper treatment can be started within 90 minutes, you can
actually come out of the heart attack without causing any damage to your heart.
So what should you be doing if you are experiencing
such as pain with all the characteristics that I have mentioned
earlier.First step is that you should call for help, call the emergency number.
In India the emergency number is 112 or you can even call directly for an
ambulance by dialing 102. Pont number two, instead lying down Sit in a comfortable position with a cushion on
your backside and try to breathe in normally beer next and understand that
there is no need to panic, if you are panicking you are causing more damage
than actually helping yourself. Point number three, Take aspirin. if you
are about fifty years of age you might have heard of aspirin tablets. Taking 300
milligrams of aspirin it is one of the best things that you can do and if you
don’t have it in your hands ask someone in your vicinity if they have aspirin or
not. If you already have been a heart attack patient then your doctor might
have prescribed you some medicines, take those medicines. Keep the small
tablet called sorbets rate underneath your tongue and let it be there and
don’t swallow it. These three steps will go a long way in making sure that your
heart suffers the least damage due to the heart attack and if you are trying
to help a person whom you think is having a heart attack then do all these
three steps. Make the person comfortable ask him to relax rest ask him to sit
down ask him to breathe in properly. Give him aspirin 300 milligrams and ask him
to chew it slowly call for help, arrange a vehicle and check for the person’s
breathing and pulse. If the person is unconscious you should definitely check
out his breathing and then check his pulse.
If you cannot appreciate a pulse, please start “CPR”. CPR stands for cardiopulmonary
resuscitation. Continue the CPR till the person reaches the hospital or the
emergency department or till a medical team accurate ambulance arrives at the
spot. CPR should be done on persons who has no pulse and if the
person is not breathing if the person is breathing properly and this conscious
make him, relaxed talk to him, comfort him, relieving anxiety and take him to the
hospital as soon as possible. There are some conditions which also causes chest
pain which looks just like a heart attack.
Now these conditions include an acid reflux disease piece of facial spasms a
musculoskeletal disease. These are minor conditions and can easily be ruled out
using ECG and other blood tests if your ECG and other blood test comes out
normal and if you are a person who is not at a high risk of developing heart
disease and these conditions can be effectively treated with the help of a
gastroenterologist. In case of acid reflux and other gastrointestinal
problems and dermatologists if the problem is a musculoskeletal one so
that’s it for this video, I really hope you like this one, please consider
sharing this video with your friends and family. You could actually be saving a
life if you really do that. If you have any doubts you can ask doctors by
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and video. call so that’s it I will see you in the next video,
it is me dr. Prasoon. Signing off. take care stay healthy and thank you so much for

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