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Is vaping healthier than smoking?

Is vaping healthier than smoking?

So if you’re a traditional smoker, the carcinogens
basically weaken the wall of your lung and cause lung cancer and the hot air and other chemicals involved cause you to have basically a non-functioning lung where you have lots of air and very
thin lung tissue that doesn’t really work. This is not the case from vaping at least
from what we’ve seen in acute cases in young people. What happens is that they get inflamation,
just like when you cut a finger you get a little bit of blood and red around there. The inside of their lungs essentially become
red, inflamed. And once it’s inflamed the lungs can’t really
function like they’re supposed to to take in oxygen and blow out carbon dioxide. They become non-functioning and you become
short of breath and then we have to put you on a ventilator a breathing tube and a machine
to help support your lungs and in some cases that’s not enough and we have to put on this
version of cardio-pulmonary bypass or ECMO and we have to keep you on it to let your
lungs get back and heal. One of the good things that’s happened in
the past two decades is that cigarette smoking has been on the decline. People smoke less and we know smoking has
all sorts of dangers. That includes, not just getting lung cancer,
but having chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD which can lead to a life with living
with oxygen, heart disease and other cancers, not just lung cancer because of the carcinogens
that are involved. This has been a great public health victory,
getting people to stop smoking. Do we really want to repeat what happened
with big tobacco by having it happen with vaping companies? I don’t think so. I think ya know we’ve made a lot of strides
in getting people to stop smoking so we should do the same with trying to get people to not
ever to use vaping. RWJBarnabas Health Let’s be healthy together.

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  • See. This the news 📰 to hear the truth
    Not misleading the public with bullshit flavored E Liquid with nicotine isn't the problem the problem is is the THC cartridges coming off the goddamn Street please my friends,

    I'm against the kids picking up vaping teenagers doing the same they're not supposed to have vaping products.
    If they're not ex-smoker I've been smoking for years and years you're
    Not supposed to try it.,

    Yes I think there should be regulations on E-liquid flavors but Banning it all together it's going to create a bigger Black Market and it's going to be more tests and they're going to blame that on vaping watch

  • No doctor will say vaping is safe. Every doctor will say smoking is deadly. How about evaluating 100 smokers and 100 vapers…..each that started the habit 10 years ago. THEN decide how they differ. Who will fund that study? Certainly not big tobacco – although they could afford to.

  • The statement at the end of this video is absurd. The great strides we have made over the last several years causing an insane decline in smoking are directly related to the rapid growth of vaping. If you get rid of vaping, you will see cigarette smoking numbers rapidly increase just as quickly as they decreased, if not faster.

  • Vaping causes lung puncture it also causes you to have breathing problems smoking does the same thing you might as well keep your cigarettes there just as safe as vaping he shouldn’t be doing either one you’re going to burn in hell because Jesus said smoking is a sin well least that’s what they say on TV after you send a preacher man thousand dollars

  • Ok here are some facts. U judge
    1- There are vapers vaped regular nicotine for 10 years and their lungs are in excellent condition
    2- No tar in vaping
    Heating > Tar
    3- Thousands of chemicals in cigarettes
    A couple in e cigs
    4- Tobacco income in decreasing
    A pattern should emerge to you from this.

  • The two evils. Why not do either? We use our lungs to breathe so the thought of doing anything that could jeopardize that seems illogical. Addiction is deadly.

  • Try speaking some truth, you're a doctor, right? AT LEAST 95% SAFER and a BIG BIG BIG reason that smoking rates have dropped so much. Try actually working in the industry and seeing the people's lives change. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/dec/28/vaping-is-95-safer-than-smoking-claims-public-health-england

  • Well…he tried saying a lot of things and took roughly about 2 minutes…but I couldn't finally make out what he really wanted to say. So which one is worse? If you are not smoking already it seems to help a lot to just advise "quit smoking/vaping"…but it really doesn't work on people who "do" smoke…Do you have enough data to statistically prove that vaping is as bad as smoking? It sounds like, you have no clue and trying to stay on the safe lane and just conclude that they are both equally bad (just quit!) without any proof or findings…If you don't really know, please don't scare people with your "doctor-ly appearance" and ignorance…you are truely as ignorant as all of us here…please don't act smart…We will all die one day…by not smoking, you can get a few more extra days/months…cheers…but if you keep bluffing people like this for fame "without proper understanding and providing facts" you know you did not serve your purpose…Don't scare people unnecessarily!!!

  • There are actually more ways to die than to live…let's not talk about smoking or vaping…that's just 2 discrete outcomes of continuous many ways (to die)…let's just enjoy as long as we live because we don't really know when is that instant when we just drop…dead.

  • I dunno, I switched to vaping and my lung capacity increased dramatically compared to when I smoked. I'm starting to think all these medical people actually are full of it.

  • It didnt answer the question though.
    Are vapes healthier than cigarettes?
    Lets not beat around the bush.
    Vaping is a million times better than cigarettes.

  • They won't say that because they will lose a lot of money from people being healthy let's face it they don't care about your health all they care about is their money

  • They don't make money if your are healthy they only make money if you're sick all of them hence that's why the tobacco settlement came about

  • The rise in people hitting themselves in the head with ball peen hammers is troubling.
    When will the government step in and pass legislation to restrict/outlaw his scourge of self inflicted hammer blows?

  • Vaping isn't paying them off so vaping bad lol see how they always say TEEN sir i haven't been a teen in years so stay away from my vapes

  • People here pretending vaping is harmless are just like potheads pretending weed will never have even the slightest negative effect. Lying about there being nothing harmful in the vape juice, or saying there's just "a few" bad things in there.

  • Hahaha lies lies o and lies about vaping.
    Proven by the best doctors and professors in the world saying it's at least 95% safer than smoking. 98/99% on the cancer level.
    Here real experts and the truth.


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