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Is it Bad if a Baby Doesn’t Burp?

Is it Bad if a Baby Doesn’t Burp?

Is it bad if a baby doesn’t burp? He’s not going to die if he doesn’t burp.
You may just feel like it. What do you mean? Babies with air in their stomachs have significant
discomfort. The baby could cry and whine until he finally burps or emits a massive fart at
the other end. And then I have to hope he doesn’t freak
out at the sound of his own wind. The bigger problem is when the baby woke up
for a feeding and then won’t go back to sleep because of the stomach pressure. Then he’s crying from the pain and crankiness. And at two in the morning, you may be crying
right along with him. I’m tired of 2 AM family reunions. You might want to try burping the baby half
way through the feeding before letting him finish the bottle, to lessen the air buildup.
Or make sure you take the bottle away when the milk is gone so he doesn’t keep on sucking
in air. That reduces the air in his stomach when done
feeding. How do I get the air bubble out afterward? Lay him on his stomach. If he’s crying from the pain, he won’t
want to sleep. Lying on the stomach puts some pressure on
it, helping get the gas out. I hadn’t heard that. I’ve just tried patting
him on the back while walking around the house. You look like you could use a pedometer and
add that time to your workout. It isn’t quite that bad. Will a baby burp
every time you feed them? If he or she is drinking from a low air flow
bottle, the baby may not get enough air in his stomach to need to burp. And some champion
burpers let out a joyful sound just as you put them on your shoulder. Then why continue crying? Is your nighttime lullaby that bad? Or does
the baby want to go to sleep while you keep slapping him on the back?

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