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Is Honey Bee Vomit?

Is Honey Bee Vomit?

There’s a rumor going around that honey
is bee barf! Can that possibly be true? Well as long as you’re thinking about
that, ask yourself how do honeybees get the nectar they collect back to the hive.
On this video we will tell you exactly how honey bees transport nectar. And we
will answer the question is honey actually bee barf. Female honeybees outnumber male
honeybees 100 to 1. Female bees do all the work, building the hive, collecting the
nectar from flowers, making the honey and tending to the young. A male bee is
called a drone and unlike female honeybees drones do not have stingers.
The only purpose of the drone is to mate with the Queen. If that sounds like a
cushy job, consider the fact that the male drone dies very soon after mating
with the Queen. When the honeybee reaches a flower, she extends her proboscis deep
in the flower to gather the nectar. The honeybee proboscis actually has two
separate tubes. Think of it as a tube inside a tube. She uses the outer tube in
her proboscis to vacuum up nectar and store it in a chamber inside her body.
This transportation chamber is not her stomach. The stomach chamber within the
honeybee is used to store food that keeps the honeybee alive. It is attached
to the innermost tube within her proboscis. When the honeybee returns to
the hive, she regurgitates the nectar she just collected into the proboscis of a
processor bee. The processor bee stores the nectar in its body in its honey chamber
until the moisture content is reduced. Finally the processor bee regurgitates
of the honey in one of the honeycomb cells. Technically honey is not bee barf.
But it is definitely bee regurgitation. So the next time you’re in a restaurant and
you’ll want some honey, don’t ask for bee barf, ask the waitstaff for what it
really is, bee regurgitation. ☺

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