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Is CanXida Good For GERD?

Is CanXida Good For GERD?

Hi there. Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand. I’ve got a video on candida and GERD. I’ve got a question here from a guy called
Ben. I can’t even pronounce his surname. It’s [kan-den-jik 00:00:13] from Slovenia. Ben’s asking an interesting question here. He says, “Eric, is CanXida good for GERD?” CanXida is a dietary supplement which is made. You can go to CanXida.com, just check the
description box. What’s GERD? Is it a plant? Is it a plane? GERD is gastroesophageal reflux disease. It’s basically reflux stomach acid from the
stomach coming back through this pipe called the esophagus. We chew, we swallow, the stuff goes down in
here, it goes into the stomach. You’ve got this little muscle called the sphincter
or LES, the lower esophageal sphincter. It’s a little bit like the bum hole, it sort
of closes off. It’s a little muscle and that will shut and
stop acid basically coming back up into the esophagus. GERD can be a reflux of acid coming back up
again. It can occur primarily, in my opinion, through
crappy diets like chocolate, alcohol, eating the wrong kind of food. Remember guys, your stomach is not a cement
mixer. You can’t just throw anything in it and it’ll
churn it up. If you make poor dietary choices, particularly
consistently, it’s going to cause reflux esophageal problem. I wrote about this in my Candida Crusher book,
a little bit like the stomach is like a cement mixer. Right? In fact, I was using a cement mixer only last
week and I’ll be using one again today because I’m building a deck. I’m going to put concrete or cement in the
ground. So you put the gravel in there called builders
mix, seven shovels, one shovel of cement powder. You put the tap in there and it’s got a “hong,
hong, hong.” It’s turning around. But the problem is, this cement mixer can
only take about 15 scoops of gravel. I’ve noticed if I put 17 or 18 in there, it
goes “wong, wong, wong.” It’s really getting quite violent and then
it throws out, it spits out a little bit of gravel every now and then. A little bit like a stomach. It’s going to “ohm.” It’s going to spit out probably mixed up food
if you’ve had, let’s say, a big meal. Then all of a sudden you’re going to throw
seven or eight chocolates on top of that, and a few Brandis on top of that, and a couple
of ice creams on top of that. All of a sudden, it’s just overflowing. So LES doesn’t like it. The sphincter doesn’t like it. Just like the mouth or the opening of the
cement mixer doesn’t like it. It’s going to spit out. Every now and then it’s going to spit out
the excess. That’s what we call reflux disease. So, don’t overfill the cement mixer. You know what I mean. Don’t eat too much food. Most people eat fat, too much food, in my
opinion. Right? A doctor once told me that the best exercise
is this. I think I’ve told you guys this on another
video, one of these exercise. This is pushing the plate away from your mouth. That’s the best exercise you can do. Right? So, smaller plate sizes. Eat less food that you think you need. I’ll bet you a lot of people watching this
video eat too much food. That’s one of the biggest contributing factors
towards digestive problems in general. And packing on too much weight. It’s too much food. You don’t need so much food. Eat less food, you’d feel a lot better for
it. GERD can also happen, of course, for other
reasons. It can be a hiatal hernia. What is hiatus hernia? Well, you’ve got this muscular thing called
the diaphragm that sits on top of the lungs. It has a big effect on how we breathe. It’s a muscle that helps to control breathing
and the lungs. Okay. It’s a little bit like a corset around the
waistline, okay? That muscle there can sometimes have a little
hole in it. Okay? Or it can be pinched open and a piece of the
muscle or the stomach muscle can pop up. That’s what we call a hiatal hernia. A really good way to overcome that is learning
how to breathe properly and to lose some weight. GERD, it also occurs, in my opinion, the second
biggest reason apart from eating is stress. Because the stomach and the diaphragm and
breathing are very much controlled by the stress response: sympathetic, fight or flight;
parasympathetic, rest and digest. So learning to breathe properly, nice, and
slowly, and deeply in through the nose will have a very nice effect on improving digestion. Very nice effect. I really like to emphasize that to people
often when I see people in my clinic with GERD or reflux disease. That they need to slow down a bit, eat less
food, and breathe properly. It’s the simple stuff that makes the biggest
difference when it comes to your health. I just wish more medical doctors would work
with people with common sense and basic simple stuff. Because that’s what people need, not drugs. People need hugs, not drugs. Come on. CanXida. There are three CanXida supplements currently:
CanXida Remove, CanXida Restore, CanXida Rebuild. CanXida is excellent for GERD because it is
going to help to control any microbial imbalances in the gut. It’s CanXida Remove. It’s going to help to improve the beneficial
bacteria content of the gut. That’s CanXida Restore. Restore also contains probiotics in it which
are beneficial especially for the stomach and small intestine. Then the CanXida Rebuild is going to improve
GERD because it’s going to give the stomach the microelements, the trace elements and
minerals and nutrients that the person needs for energy vitality and good health. CanXida is very good for GERD. Start slowly. You may need to start with one dose per day
for several days and then slowly ramp it up. Remember, if you’ve got GERD, be careful of
what you eat. Look at the combinations. Don’t fill the cement mixer too much. Make sure you breathe properly and relax a
lot more. If you’re carrying too much weight, lose a
bit away because it can affect GERD quite a lot too. Try and follow those tips. I’m pretty sure you’re going to get some beneficial
results out of that. I hope that answers your question, Ben from
Slovenia. Thank you very much.

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