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Is Breast Pain a Symptom of Cancer? | Breast Cancer

Is Breast Pain a Symptom of Cancer? | Breast Cancer

42 Replies to “Is Breast Pain a Symptom of Cancer? | Breast Cancer”

  • I'm a girl and I'm 16. I have breast pain too. My mom had breast cancer. Is it likely for me to have it? I need help. I'm worry because my mom had breast cancer and I have breast pain. I'm kind if scared.

  • I am 59, and I am having some pain around the nipple, I go for a mammogram every year, but now I am unemployed and do not have insurance.

  • Hi i'm a 15 year old and i ran onto a wood while playing with my friends
    and the wood hit the left side of my breast and also left a red mark and it is a pain to me
    but the red mark is gone and the pain is decreasing now but i'm still wondering
    how long will the pain go away?
    will this cause breast cancer?
    what should i do?
    i'm concerned
    please anyone help

  • I'm only 17 and I have pain in both of my breast which effects me from doing exercise and lying on my chest. I've had this discomfort for about two month and I don't really know what to do? Any advice?

  • hai im only 20. and i have my problem with my breast too.. lately i feel my both breast aching and found out that it has a rash or crasting part on it. please need some advice

  • my girlfriend has muscle knots at her back which hurt her for the last 2-3 yrs and now she found one small muscle knot in her breast too. should it be considered as just another muscle knot or taken as early waring for the cancer ? plz tell…

  • My left breast hurts:/
    I'm 20 & it hurts at the button kinda like kinda in the middle ? Idk it just hurts I can't sleep 🙁

  • my left breast hurts just a few days ago.. It started last Friday.. I have no lumps or anything.. just pain in the left breast.. I am only 20.. Im scared this might be a warning sign of cancer 🙁 does anybody here experiencing the same thing ?

  • Hey I'm 15 and my right breast been hurting for almost 3 days now non stop I get pain from my neck to my Breast and my shoulder this is new to me and it really borders me in school and wen I sit or bend over it hurts even more.

  • I had a open biopsy in my right Brest just below the nipple on Sept 14th 2016. I've just recently been told I have abnormal cells and am being referred to a surgeon. My nipple is flat, the aroila(sic) is bigger then the other one and a darker brown. It's also painful, like a tugging feeling. This all started 2+ years ago with a burner sensation from inside the nipple out! Do you have any answers for me, has anyone experienced this that can tell me what to expect? Thanks in advance.

  • I had breast cancer ,and my breast was remove.now I got a pain that comes out of nowhere feels like a twisting my muscles on my upper shoulder and my head that I feel that like is going to explode and last from five to ten minutes. Real severe headache.

  • I'm only 17 yrs old girl and i observed that my left breast nipple is cut and sometimes some waxy comes out. i feel pain when pressing it. also my breast is not growing well. I'm very shy… is it is sign of breast cancer. pls give me advice what i do.

  • I am in m y late forties, and I am having pain in my both breasts, is it a sign of cancer. Pls is there treatment for this type of pain?

  • I'm 21 and my right breast started hurting in the upper and outer region (toward the armpit). My right breast is slightly bigger than my left (it's always been this way, but it seems a little more swollen than usual.
    It started hurting in the afternoon yesterday and has persisted to this afternoon. I know that my period is due in about a week, and I had some minor cramping yesterday as well. My breasts usually never become sore due to PMS. I did have to remember that there was a lump in one of my armpits not too long ago, but I can't remember which and it hasn't swelled again. Everyone told me this is normal sometimes (my friends and family told me that, not a doctor).
    So I'm going to wait another week and see if it persists or worsens. I've had scares where I got an ultrasound on my uterus, and it was nothing.
    But also I just discovered a rash so I'm gonna call the doctor

  • Iam 59 have Ra Fibromaliga pain all round the both breast , have inverted nipple which had for years pain goes through the nippel most days and have pain in chest bone near sternel doctors couldnt feel anything that was abouf 2 years ago iam really worried

  • My breast pain hurts before menstruation. A doctor prescribed me Desogestrel and Ethinylestradiol tablets USP oral for PMS breast pain and low flow. Is it even necessary?

  • hi!am 26..n my right brest is paining frm last 2 months i found a lump wich is inside …still paining till my armpit plz help

  • l am nine my nipples are solft but one is a little tall and was pain l went to the doc they sayed its a lung infection but its all good alsoo the tallness is because i playe with my nipples

  • Please am 25 years and my right breast pain hurts before and after my menstruation for about two years now..

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  • Lately, I’ve been experiencing some form of pain in my left breast near my chest.

    I’m a 27 year old woman who doesn’t smoke 🚬 🚭, drink 🍷 🍸 🍹 until I pass out, take drugs to numb the pain and I’m single.

    I exercise at the gym, manage to eat fruits and vegetables every day, drink water to stay hydrated and I’m on my feet at work.

    I’m scared. What can I do?

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