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Inspiring Story about Chest Pain and NUCCA Chiropractic in Plymouth, MN.

Inspiring Story about Chest Pain and NUCCA Chiropractic in Plymouth, MN.

My name is Brenda Johnson I was
experiencing pain for the last seven years normally in the area on my left
side first I thought it was a heart attack
maybe a stroke so I went into the local doctor and they said that there was
nothing they could do. I wasn’t satisfied with that went all the way down to the
Mayo Clinic and doctor Lim said you’ll just have to live with the pain Mrs.
Johnson, so I did for three or four years until I got a referral from one of my
co-workers who said you know you really should try this Dr. Jeff Leach. He’s done
amazing things for my husband and I for my mom for friends co-workers and I said
okay we’re gonna give it a try so another co-worker and I came just
talked to Dr. Leach we both fell in love with him
he’s nice calm demeanor very easy to talk to and since I’ve had the
procedures I haven’t had pain for almost two years
my tingling in my arm has disappeared I don’t feel like I’m gonna have a heart
attack like I used to feel just had another evaluation and things are looking
good you (you didn’t need an adjustment?) I didn’t need an adjustment today a little massage felt
great I’ll be back in about four months to see if things are going good yet
(can you just tell us how far you drive to come see us)
I Drive about two hours one way from Alexandria and we stop for lunch
and we drive two hours back home again it’s the best trip highly recommended
weather’s been perfect so far yeah awesome yeah well thank you for sharing
Brenda is there anything else you’d like to add nope I just want to recommend
coming to see everybody here they do a great job friendly great personalities
come on by. Alright thank you

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