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Acid Reflux causes and Treatment

Indigestion or Reflux?

Indigestion or Reflux?

Sometimes Acid Reflux and Indegestion can
be confused. What we call acid reflux is called G.E.R.D., and indigestion is called Dyspepsia,
and they can run hand in hand. Usually it’s caused by a hyper-secretion of acid that can
reflux up into your esophagus, that’s called GERD. Or it just sits in your stomach and
causes abdominal pain, bloating, feeling like your abdomen is distended, what we call indegestion. Usually, if you are young with no alarm symptoms,
and that means, you’re not losing weight, there’s no family history of gastric cancer,
you’re not throwing up blood, you have no problems with swallowing or pain when you
swallow, then most of the times what we do is we call test and treat. What that means is we usually check for a
bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori. This bacteria is commonly found in a lot of people,
and most of the time causes no symptoms. But there is a certain population where it can
cause the feelings of indigestion. And so we try to look for the bacteria either through
a breath test, a stool test, and sometimes through blood. And if you have this bacteria,
we treat it with antibiotics. Sometimes, if you don’t have it, then the
treatment would be usually what we call a proton pump inhibitor, which is an acid reducing
medicine, like Nexium, Prylosec, which you can find over the counter. Reflux disease can sometimes present as having
some damage in your esophagus, but actually most of the time when we do an endoscopy in
patients with acid reflux, the esophagus looks normal. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t
have reflux disease. It just means that you don’t have damage. And the population where
we find damage is actually not that often.

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