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improve the health of your kidneys with
this 100% natural drink to cleanse your kidneys and make sure they are
functioning correctly you have to drink more liquids in order to flush out the
toxins that affect them the kidneys are the organs that are in charge of
filtering out toxins from the bloodstream and eliminating them via
urine while this naturally happens in good health sometimes they are
overloaded and have trouble doing their job the problem is that the body retains
residues that over time could cause damage that directly impacts the health
of your kidneys in fact they can cause complex illnesses such as renal
insufficiency and kidney stone disease even worse grave cases threaten the
health of other organs such as the heart and the liver the good news is that
there are natural ways to keep them functioning well and achieve an optimal
level of toxin removal among these we have an antioxidant and diuretic
beverage that can be made at home following a few simple steps want to try
citric beverage to cleanse your kidneys and dissolve kidney stones this natural
beverage for kidney cleansing and stone prevention is made from a combination of
lemon lime and oranges rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants drinking
this liquid several times the day will improve kidney functions drinking
liquids is fundamental for correct detoxification making this a very
healthy option it is low in calories with high amounts of vitamin C minerals
and Dietetic fiber it also has diuretic properties that
stimulate the elimination of retain liquids and substances that form kidney
stones lemon like lime and orange contains citric and phosphoric acid
among its principal ingredients these substances add to the acidity of urine
and play an important role in the prevention of kidney stones best of all
is that it also strengthens the immune system and decreases risk of urinary
tract infections and disease how do I prepare this beverage by preparing this
drink at home you can improve the health of your kidneys and at the same time you
will cleanse your digestive and hepatic systems it’s an excellent alternative
for those who don’t like drinking plain water because the touch of citrus gives
it a nice flavor it’s also a great option for hydration
weight loss and healthy skin ingredients five glasses of water one and
one-quarter leaders one lemon one lime one orange ten mint leaves one spoonful
of vinegar or baking soda 10 grams instructions dissolve the vinegar or
baking soda in water and then use that water to wash the fruit skin cut the
lemon lime in orange in slices pour the fruit into a pitcher adding the water
and mint leaves let stand for at least two hours preferably overnight the next
day drink a glass before breakfast and repeat two or three times a day follow
the cleansing treatment for a week then take two weeks off keep in mind even
though this beverage is a great help towards healthy kidneys it’s essential
to keep in mind that its effects depend upon other lifestyle choices
you should also improve your diet and lower your consumption of oxalate rich
foods such as coffee commercial soft drinks dry fruits and cocoa
it’s also worth increasing your vitamin C intake not only to prevent kidney
stones but to protect the entire urinary tract blueberries are a good option to
include in your diet as they have a high antioxidant content as well as vitamins
and minerals drink the equivalent of eight glasses of water per day either by
itself or with fruit infused beverages that contain it if you suffer from
kidney disease or are taking any special medication it’s fundamental that you
consult your doctor before starting to take this beverage natural remedies for
chronic kidney disease and older adults with the aging population the numbers of
chronic kidney disease cases are growing by the day chronic kidney disease is
more likely to be seen in patients who have several cardiovascular risk factors
as many of these also affect the kidneys chronic kidney disease is a condition in
which the kidneys begin to lose their function the main role of the kidneys is
to filter out waste when they’re incapable of filtering the waste to
expel it through urine this waste accumulates within the body leading to
further health complications the good news is many lifestyle changes and
natural remedies can work to help improve
kidney function all the while boosting the heart as well natural remedies for
chronic kidney disease and older adults a study has found that adding fruits and
vegetables into your diet may help protect the kidneys and chronic kidney
disease patients a typical Western diet is mainly based on animal and grain
foods which are very acidic in kidney disease the kidneys are unable to remove
the excess acid from the body so it accumulates and builds up metabolic
acidosis increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables has been found to reduce
the Siddha tea and alkalis the body this way helping to preserve kidney function
the researchers looked at 71 patients with hypertensive stage for kidney
disease who received fruits and vegetables or in oral alkaline
medication for one year here’s what the study uncovered after a year kidney
function was similar in both groups one year plasma total carbon dioxide PT co2
increased in both groups signifying a decrease in metabolic acidosis PT co2
levels were lower enthusing more fruits and vegetables urine measurements of
kidney injury were lower in both groups potassium levels did not increase
researcher donald wesson concluded we showed that by addition of alkali such
as bicarbonate or alkali inducing fruits and vegetables patients had a favorable
response by reduction of urinary kidney injury markers our study suggests that
these interventions will help maintain kidney health in those with kidney
disease an alternative recent study also suggested taking the necessary steps to
care for your heart can positively affect your kidneys as well the
researchers looked at over fourteen thousand eight hundred adults aged 45 to
64 who were grouped based on how closely they followed the guidelines set out by
the American Heart Association the seven ideals include healthy blood pressure
cholesterol blood sugar diet and body weight getting sufficient exercise and
not smoking cholesterol and diet were not found to be associated with a higher
risk of kidney disease but body fat blood pressure lack of physical activity
and smoking did study author Casey rep Hall said this
study was the first to show that for people who are generally healthy a
higher number of ideal life’s simple 7 health factors is associated with a
reduced risk of neuron set kidney disease attaining ideal cardiovascular
health is defined by the AHA life’s simple 7 metric may have substantial
benefit for preventing the development of kidney disease recommending these
ideal health factors may be effective as a population wide strategy for kidney
disease prevention as you can see adhering to a healthy lifestyle can help
improve kidney function and chronic kidney disease patients and this just
further stresses the importance of eating well and exercising regularly chronic kidney disease patients can live
longer with healthy diet chronic kidney disease patients can live longer with a
healthy diet the researchers analyzed seven studies that included over 15,000
chronic kidney disease CKD patients the researchers wanted to evaluate the
impact of a healthy diet fruits vegetables fish legumes whole grains on
CKD if any in six of the studies a healthy diet was associated with twenty
to thirty percent lower rate of early death but the study did not directly
prove that a healthy diet would extend life study lead dr. Giovanni strictly
explained chronic kidney disease now affects about 10% to 13% of the adult
population and substantially increases risks of cardiovascular complications
and early death in the absence of randomized trials in large individual
cohort studies this study is the best available evidence to drive clinical
decision making by patients and doctors on whole Dietary Approaches in chronic
kidney disease CKD patients are advised to restrict certain nutrients from their
diet as those have been associated with a greater harm to the kidneys on the
other hand some researchers suggest that those restrictions do little to reduce a
patient’s risk of death chronic kidney disease diet some people
with kidney disease have trouble processing proteins and may need
substitutes when a low protein diet is suggested by a healthcare professional
you will need to replace those from proteins with calories from fruits
bread grains and vegetables there are even cases where you can consume
high-calorie desserts as long as you limit items that are made with dairy
chocolate nuts or bananas let’s look at some important recommendations and diet
restrictions for chronic kidney disease fats use mine unsaturated and
polyunsaturated fats such as olive oil canola oil and safflower oil protein
just prior to starting dialysis a low protein diet may be helpful once you’ve
started dialysis you will likely need to eat more protein to replace muscle and
tissue that you lose about 8 to 10 ounces of high-protein foods per day is
recommended calcium and phosphorus limiting some dairy foods may be
suggested since they can contain large amounts of phosphorus colas and soft
drinks also have a lot of phosphorus calcium supplements may be a good idea
to help prevent bone problems sodium do not add salt to any food read food
labels to find hidden salt and avoid foods that contain a lot of salt sodium
or msg be careful with salt substitutes as many have high amounts of potassium
potassium it is best to choose low potassium fruits such as apples pears
plums and blueberries vegetables such as beans sprouts cabbage green beans and
lettuce are also low in potassium fluids as kidney disease gets worse you may
have to limit fluid intake so keep track of how much you drink and find ways to
reduce fluids if you need to remember soups gelatin desserts and ice cream are
all considered fluids use common sense when making food choices for example you
shouldn’t skip meals if there are times when you just don’t feel hungry at least
try to eat four or five small meals instead of one or two big ones there may
be some people with kidney problems who have difficulty keeping their weight up
these individuals need to talk to their doctors and dietitians about the best
ways to add calories to their diet anyone with chronic kidney disease
should also talk to a physician before drinking alcohol you


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