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Acid Reflux causes and Treatment


What up YouTube and welcome back to Jon
Sheppard Fitness it’s been about week and a half now since I doing a video the
reasons is I haven’t actually been to the gym at all if you watched my last
video go and check it out and then you’ll understand why I’m doing this
video well if you haven’t then I’ve not been very well there’s nothing
physically wrong with me in like to do a workout I’m not ill where I can’t go to
work well I’ve been suffering with some sort of problem with my throat and
gagging and I think I’ve got acid reflux the
thing is I’ve been trying to get into the doctors and doctors are just useless
nowadays where you you have to go in at 8 o’clock to get an appointment at your
local doctors of course I am busy at that time if I’m not working I’m
dropping off my son and the only way is phoning and I deemed have time but then
my mom found out that I can get a point meal from any doctors if I go to them
and get an evening on so on Thursday I am actually going to the doctor’s to get
this sorted out or well or try and find out what it is and I tell them all
what’s wrong with me in my actual throat nose
department because I have I seem to have a lot of mucus between my sinuses and
it’s not like guns or not or whatever you want to call or thick colored greeny
mucus it’s clay clean and clear it’s it’s like it’s hard to explain but it
feels like you’ve you’ve got something trapped in the back of your throat and
it never goes away there’s nothing you can blow and and
there’s nothing really crisp out so that’s how you feel like you need to go
like that noise and then
spit it out but there’s nothing really to spit out there maybe that is the dry
folk I have got a problem with one of my nostrils I did have a Cana five years
ago and it doesn’t come out breathe out that not still more than you over so I
just wonder if he could be something to do that and he’s just can’t get enough
air through the system in that side I have no clue but that shouldn’t really
affect what’s happening in my throat I decided to take time off of the gym so I
could cancel have every sort of aspect to what I could be I’ve looked on
internet saying what sort of symptoms and what you get and how you can reduce
it one is eating certain foods I’ve cut out all my foods that I use for just
going to the gym so I haven’t been eating a lot of rice I haven’t been
eating a lot of porridge and I’ve had no protein supplements at all plus I’ve run
out anyway until payday I’ve had no caffeine I’ve had no
pre-workout and I haven’t been to a gym so I’ve got rid of all them and it still
happens so my mum thought it might be I might be lactose intolerance or or
something like that because the only thing I haven’t cut out my diet is milk
and I do like milk well I don’t drink a huge amount of only like when I have
cereal and if I have a cup of tea or something like that
so I can’t see being that it’s happened at work where I’ve wanted to be sick but
it’s like it’s not sick where you’re gonna come help with actual stuff out
your mouth it’s dry sick where you’re just like there goes and when you go
into a fit so of course with my sinuses which makes them go this gag it’s it’s
one embarrassing so I one of those who didn’t do that I was
thinking about go to the gyms a day and actually go in just to see if the gym
actually irritates me but I decided now I’m gonna make sure
I’m a rest my body and I feel okay other than that it feels like I’m struggling
to swallow so when I’m struggling like I’m forcing my saliva to go down my
throat and it always feels like it’s not going down smoothly and obviously if you
don’t know anything about acid reflux or anything to do with a throat you have a
pipe that goes all the way down in to your stomach and it’s got a like a
little gap opens up where it’s like that and let’s stuff through all the food
water you know drink whatever you out and then it closes back up what when
acid builds up in your stomach it opens up and spurts a bit out and that’s why
sometimes you get heartburn heartburn and stuff like that if well if you get a
lot it Jo it just doesn’t close and so that’s when you get that gagging reflux
and as his reflux and that’s what I’m getting
and I’ve seems to be getting getting it absolutely anytime sometimes I have like
today I haven’t really had it but I could make myself do it if I died like
trying to sniff up trying to swallow like my this saliva thing and it’s it’s
gantter it’s getting it’s worrying me because I don’t know if it’s actually
going to be more serious than it is I hope it is just something simple like
this and it’s curable where I could just get them to get the tablets and it’ll go
away I’m not really bothered if it’s if it’s away I’m allergic to something
because I can live without it but I just don’t hope it’s more serious and now you
know like some sort of cancer or something like that where my have throat
cancer or something I am quite a negative person when it comes to like
illnesses I always think the worst because then if it is the worst I can
deal with it because of all the thought of it I know a bit weird by that ball
first day I’m gonna be getting it checked out and salted I’m sorry I
haven’t done no videos I know some people want to know how vlogging every
week every day I mean sorry is good for your YouTube I just had no time I’ve
been working and then I’ve been just really well has that time but I haven’t
had no time because I’m enjoying time with my son because it was first a week
at school and spending time with him relaxing and I’ve just been quite
stressed out by my throat and I didn’t really want to sit down and do the whole
video because it’s going to be quite a hard video for me to do because I got a
obvi screenshot all the the data and I’m not a technical genius where I can go on
to the tea go onto the laptop and talk to you while I’m on the laptop and
scroll and click I haven’t got a clue how you do that so a boss screenshot it
all and then show you statistics and think about how I’m actually gonna be
talking you through it and how to do it all together well I’m gonna be trying to
do it for Sunday’s video but also I’m gonna have an update on Sunday about my
actual throat and tell you what they think is if they think I need to go to
hospital or if they but I just put me on some sort of pills and see what it’s
like I’ll give you more information when I know it I’ll cease Tuesday now and you
know as much as I do so hopefully fingers crossed
it’s just something as simple like tablets because you know I want to do
this competition next year and if something like this is gonna affect my
workouts then I will not be able to go in it I will not be able to compete
because you have to train hard him and it’s like I’m still getting ahead the
moment anyway because of personal issues with my work and I’m just on the
breadline about lucky surviving how to you know money issues and northern law
because that’s again they have not gave me any hours extra I’m working 20 hours
a week and they’ve gave everybody else more hours which I’m not going to go
into any more because if I carry on with that I will start ranting about it
because I’m really angry about it at the moment but I’ll apply for some jobs
anyway so hopefully I hear from the job I’ve actually applied for is a real lot
a lot better than what I’m doing now I now can do a lot more things hopefully
I’ll get it well when I know I might do a video on
the Thursday or the Friday or you know like a little update on my house but if
not I will mention it in my actual video on Sunday when I’m doing the vlogging
everyday you know update thing when I’m telling you if it’s worth it or not
anyway just a short little video tell you where I am I’m not dead I’m still
alive and I will be back on it I’m not gonna let no illness beat me from
competing and there’s another reason I’m gonna be telling you about competing and
it’s gonna be a tag and a questionnaire to certain people about the actual
competitions so stay tuned over the next couple of weeks because this is quite a
good question with people and I want to know what you
think about it but you’ll have to find out in an ex-police you’ll know when you
watch my videos what the question is and it’s quite a juicy topic and it’d be
quite interesting to know from people who actually train who are not competing
and who are competing what they think it is anyway I’m gonna let you think about
think what there is and I’m gonna go now and relax and try and rest this fro
because it’s annoying anyway I’ll see you again thank you for watching if you
knew subscribe give me a like if you liked this even I was really bored and
I’ll see you next time

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