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I Thought I Had A Cryptic Pregnancy | But I Had A Hidden Illness

so I’ve been anxiously and excitedly
waiting to share this with you guys I have an Instagram post right here that I
shared about getting my compression socks and I was super super excited and
so now you know so this video is a collaboration with Amy Esther so I would
recommend before watching my video heading over to watch her video because
she will go in-depth about the symptoms we’ll see you in a minute postural orthostatic tachycardia
syndrome or pots is the most common form of disarm yeah it affects between 1
million and 3 million Americans and millions more around the world so path
it is actually very easy to diagnose the criteria is a heart rate increase of 30
beats per minute or more or over 120 beats per minute within the first 10
minutes of standing up the most common symptoms of pots are
fatigue headache lightheadedness heart palpitations exercise intolerance nausea
brain fog shaking or jitteriness fainting coldness numbness or pain
sureties chest pain shortness of breath or blood pooling and poor circulation so
if we take a look over here I have notes back from 2013 and 2015 of when I was
going to the doctor and I was keeping you know a checklist of all my different
symptoms so I’d be sure to remember all of them and they did all sorts of tests
and I came back healthy my one doctor that I saw he did say well it sounds
like you could be pregnant but you are not testing positive at the back of my
mind I’m like well I must be pregnant because there are people who can be
pregnant and never test positive so I went over a year and a half thinking for
a year and a half I thought that I was pregnant well I’ll just show you let’s
take a look at one of my old Doppler videos and this is why I thought I was
pregnant so you can hear what I thought I was pregnant I was picking up a heart
rate that was between 130 to 160 beats per minute and this clip was about three
minutes long and I went month and I kept looking for this heartbeat and I kept
finding what I thought was baby so if you’re one of the first followers to
subscribe to my channel you’ll know what I’m talking about
I started this channel originally to document that journey thinking that I
was cryptically pregnant and just vlogging and sharing my experience so I
am got this weight lifted off my shoulder
to finally understand what I’ve been going through to have some clear answers
and direction on trying to feel better at the same time knowing what’s wrong
with me means I can know how to feel better or at least try to have a better
quality of life that is a process that is a lot of work whereas before I would
always just feel sick and not know why and just slowly maybe start to feel
better because naturally I was so exhausted and so weak and lethargic and
shaky that I would just sit around all the time and I know that rest is the
number one thing that can help you feel better when you’ve had a flare-up anyone can get pots but it’s most common
80% of people who have pots are women ages 15 to 50 so I’m going to stick in here a list of
causes of pots what I think happened with me was when I got my tubes tied
after my youngest was born in 2012 shortly after that my quality of life
started to decline so rapidly and then a year later is when I started to really
collect and organize my thoughts and realize all the various symptoms that I
was experiencing so pots affects individuals differently
there are four treatments can vary but the most common treatments for pots are
increase your fluid intake to two to three liters a day increase your salt
consumption to three thousand to ten thousand milligrams per day wear
compression socks implement reclined exercises such as rowing bicycling and
swimming start a healthy diet and avoid triggers some people when they have
sugar or carbs or dairy it can make their pots flare up and make things
worse but you have to kind of figure that out for yourself for me I think
definitely too much sugar definitely makes me feel worse start a habit of
going to bed earlier and waking up earlier if you can make sure you get
enough hours of sleep at night that can make a huge difference something that
I’ve also implemented at night to help me sleep better because I haven’t some
yeah really bad is my husband surprised me with a weighted blanket
this helps with insomnia as well as tachycardia during the night I get like
very vivid dreams and my heart just pounds and I wake up sweaty and it is
not fun so that is something I also implement to help with my insomnia so
I’m still learning every day about pots and the different symptoms that
encompass everything and there’s a lot but I started my journey when I found
Amy Esther’s channel I was just watching her videos and I was like oh my goodness
this sounds like me so we’re not here to diagnose anybody but we’re here to
spread awareness and if you think it sounds like you go over and check out
her video she has a lot of videos about how to manage her pots and tips and
tricks and things that she’s discovered that helped because she’s a bit on this
journey a lot longer than I have so go check her out and tell her that I sent
you her way thanks so much for liking commenting and subscribing and I’ll see
you next time it’s just another gorilla and I’m gonna
need to have all these other symptoms tell her ice tell her I steps tell her I
sent you to her and you can see why I thought I was pregnant so who can get pops anyone for the most
common it is not common in women about 80% of people have hot are women ages
fight I have to learn some oh I don’t thanks so much for watching be sure to
click here to follow our journey and click here to watch our last video we’ll
see you next time

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