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Acid Reflux causes and Treatment



it’s Tana Mongeau and i am so excited to be sitting down filming for you i have not filmed a video in like a week and a half i have been uploading, like, pre filmed videos cause i have been working on a lot of projects for you guys and i missed you so much i feel like my life is not normal when i am not talking to you guys, like, constantly its just ugh I missed you , hi so i have a really bad habit of when I have a bad experience or i do something bad or i go through something bad, I just fucking delete that shit. my uber is here, I gotta fucking go. See you never BOOM. DONE. And when I say, like, delete it I literally mean like forget about it forever will
never remember it again unless someone is like hey remember that time you blah
blah blah remember the time you hooked up with that guy and I’m like oh shit
yeah and then I’m like suppress suppress suppress suppress bye see you later see you
never and I’ve yet to figure out if this is a good mechanism or way of living
life because on one hand I live my life very carefree and happy because of it
because everything bad that ever happened to me I literally make myself
forget it completely but on the other hand am I really forgetting it or am I
like storing it in a subconscious and eventually all of its going to come up
at once one day and I’m just gonna go fucking crazy and like shave my head and
like piss on trees in public and everyone’s gonna be like remember when
Tana Mongeau was like normal and had hair on her head damn we missed those days I
should probably see a therapist but yeah today’s story is one of those stories
that I really fucking suppressed and deleted the fucking shit out of because
it’s a terrible experience where I made a terrible decision and it was so bad
just bad but the other day people were talking about salvia and I was like oh
fuck I smoked salvia oh fuck I hated smoking salvia I should probably tell
that story on the internet I’m sorry mom and when I say I’m sorry mom like my
mom’s gonna find out about this story for the first time when she watches this
video so like I’m really fucking sorry mom like call me like we can go to lunch
like on me like I’m really sorry I’m literally not getting I’m so sorry mommy
you don’t know what salvia is it is this plant from Mexico that I believe is
legal to smoke if not I’m really fucking sorry again mom and when you smoke it it
makes you hallucinate really badly and like it really fucks you up and in like
2013 2014 2015 ish it was really fucking trendy like everyone was smoking it
everyone was trying it everyone was talking about their salvia experiences I
don’t know if you guys remember this but that video of Miley Cyrus where she like
hit the bong and she was like Liam where are you Liam she was smoking
salvia in that video ring a bell? I don’t know and so I was best friends with this
girl we can call her Britney and her and I would like smoke weed everyday’ she
was pretty much the person I would smoke weed the most with and the difference
between us is that she was actually like a really big stoner and really liked
weed and I was just like I’m so cool like look at me hitting this blunt like
everyone look at me like I’m a fucking stoner do you guys want to eat my
fucking pussy I was doing it more to be cool where she was like doing it because
she actually enjoyed smoking weed and so one day we kind of decided that we were
like bored of smoking weed and we wanted to do something different and I was such
a try-hard ass go hard or go home ass bitch at that time like I always wanted
to be doing like something so hard I wanted like prove to everybody that I
could like hang but I could never fucking hang and it was so
embarrassing so I was like fuck yeah let’s smoke salvia and so salvia was really
hard to find at that time because like it’s from Mexico and like
fifteen-year-old kids aren’t like smuggling drugs from Mexico but finally
we found salvia and believe it or not it was actually from the guys it gave me
Molly water mm-hmm so he was like I’ll give you guys salvia but I’m not gonna
let you buy it from me he was like I want to smoke it with you guys on my
birthday my birthday is next week I’ll give it to you guys for free come over
and just smoke it that’s what I want to do that’s only what I’m going to give it
to you and so that’s when I was a broke-ass poor ass bitch but still
wanted to fuckin do salvia and look cool so I was like shit free salvia let’s go
so a week goes by and I had the intention just smoke it the same way I
did the first time I smoked weed which failed miserably I don’t know why I
didn’t realize hey Tana it didn’t even work with weed why would this work with
salvia I wanted to just like inhale it really
lightly maybe feel the effects a little and then just like pretend like it
really fucked me up and not actually do it and so we get there and we’re all
sitting around that same giant outdoor table that we were sitting up tonight he
gave me Molly water same thing I’m not bitter at all and so I sat myself in the
position of the rotation where I was gonna smoke it last so that I could see
the way that it affected everyone else before me and so we’re all sitting
around the table for a while just talking and finally it hits midnight and
it’s his birthday so he gets out of bong and he’s like okay let’s smoke and it
wasn’t a regular bong it was like this super fucking weird gravity bong they
like only true stoners hah and so he sits down he loads a bowl for himself
first he smokes it and he seems completely fine so he passes it to the
next person they seem completely fine and like ten people go by and everybody
seems fine I mean they all seem kind of like hi and like fucked up and they’re
like wooo but like they all seemed fine and I was still like kind of pumped to
do it so my friend Brittany was sitting to the right of me to where she would
smoke it before me so she smokes it and now I’m like okay I
can’t back out I’m freaking out a little bit but like if I were to not smoke it
at that point I would be like a bad friend because we like went in on it
together like we decided we were gonna do it together if that makes sense so I
get the lighter and I hold it to the bong and I take a hit I blow it out I
feel completely fine so I pass it on to the next person and I’m just sitting
there and I’m like this is nothing I feel nothing like this is so dope you
don’t feel high at all like not even like weed high like I feel nothing and
so I keep telling my friend I’m like dude I feel nothing like should I smoke
it again and it’s not I didn’t even want to smoke it again because I like wanted
to actually feel it I just wanted to be a badass nobody else hit the salvia
twice so I wanted to be like the badass bitch that like hit the salvia bong
twice which like now that I think about it is so just oh I was so obsessed at
that time was like one upping everyone I wanted guys to think I could like hang
when I couldn’t fucking hang at fucking all like why couldn’t I just be a normal
bitch and like have my cake and eat it – take one salvia hit and like move on
with your life like you know so my friend like no you shouldn’t take
second hit you’re never supposed to take a second hit of salvia like nobody does
that like just don’t do it I’m like no but I don’t feel anything I was like do
you feel high at all and she was like yeah I feel high and I was like okay
fuck this I don’t feel anything at all I’m taking another hit so I get the bong
and I light the salvia for literally like 10 seconds and I’m just like
loading up the status hit and everyone around me is like what the fuck is she
doing like woah look this girl can hang oh my god like she’s gonna hang like
that so dope and I’m just like loading up the hit I feel so fucking cool
because I’m like yeah I can fucking hang and so I finally go to inhale this and I
take the biggest deepest inhalation of like all of the smoke in this gravity
box and the second I exhale it in that moment Tana knew she fucked up as I’m
exhaling the smoke I literally feel all forms of like sanity that I have left
just like leaving my body and I’m like fuck like what the fuck did I just do
this was a terrible decision instantly I lose all sense of like shape time up and
down like for example I would like look at my hands and what I would look at
them it’s not that I was hallucinating they looked completely normal but my
brain had like lost all sense of like what was big and what was small so I
didn’t know if my hands were big or small I didn’t know if I was big or
small I didn’t know if like the house around me was like big or small like
everything seemed the same in size to me and I lost all sense of size and then
next went time I lost all sense of time or where he was or what month it was it
was all gone there was no concept of time to me everything had no distance I
didn’t know what was far away from me what was close to me and I felt like I
could feel everyone’s energies it’s not that there was like auras around them or
like colors or anything like that I just felt that I could feel every emotion
around me all at once and then every time I would breathe in I felt like I
could feel the breath I was breathing in like reach every part of my body I’m
when I say every part of my body I mean like every blood vessel every bone like
my fucking fibia I felt the breaths I was breathing reach my Fibia I felt
that I could feel the breaths literally like recheck the inner workings of my
asshole anything at all I felt that I could feel it I feel like the way
I’m describing this right now sounds kind of cool I feel like somebody be
like yo that’s so cool like you felt no yeah I felt like you’re in a long-ago
rain music video like yes yes like I feel like that’s the way I’m describing
it and I don’t want people to think that it was terrible I had no form of my own
existence I didn’t know who I was at all and so I was sitting there and
the whole time I was just stuck like this like cuz I didn’t know what’s going
on I was scared to move I was scared to do anything and so finally I was like in
my own brain I was like you need to calm down like everything’s gonna be okay
like try to look around see if that helps see if you can see like cool thing
just relax it’s just a drug and so I turn around slowly and behind me was
like a brick wall like the wall of his house and so I turn around and I look at
this wall and for like five or six seconds I was like it’s just a brick
wall it’s about a few feet away from you I was gaining back concepts of distance
I was like it’s gonna be okay like you’re just on a drug and then all of a
sudden every brick in the wall trees started growing out of it like giant fir
trees if that like the trees that are like like this trees that look like this
we’re growing out of the wall coming at me like the stump was growing out of the
wall and then like the tree was coming at me so they start backing up and like
screaming like audibly screaming like trees aren’t like coming at me and then
everyone is like why is she fucking scream like why are you screaming like
you are you okay are you okay and so the guy whose house it was the fucking Molly
water stupid dipshit salvia guy walks up to me and he’s like are you okay like
it’s just a drug everything’s gonna be fine
and so I he has his hand on my arm and I have my hand on his and I’m like
screaming and I turned to look at him while he’s saying that and I look at him
and I’m like woah like yeah I’m okay look I’m so sorry like they just saw
trees coming out of the wall like I’m so sorry like I’m fine and I gained all
concept of everything back again like the concept of distance the concept of
time I was completely fine and then he was like are you okay and I was like
yeah and then the second said yeah like the yeah left my mouth
the yeah felt like it was like the yeah like left in like slow motion like I
heard yeah yeah yeah like in my own brain like what I just said was echoing
in my own brain and I feel like this next part I cannot say and anyone will
take me seriously but I swear to God I shit you not I’m looking at him the yeas
are like echoing in my head and all of a sudden he just turns into a tree I
feel like i cant say that without sounding really fucking weird but his entire body just turned into a
fucking tree and I’m like my hand was on him my mind had created so much of the
fact that he was a tree that I felt like I was no longer touching like a human
arm I felt like I was touching a fir tree so I take my hand off of it and I
started screaming and I’m like what the fuck is going on what the fuck what the fuck I keep in mind it was like
1:30 2:00 a.m. at this point he had like neighbors as fuck like I needed to be
quiet and I was screaming what the fuck what the fuck and I look around to
everyone and they’re like are you okay like stop screaming what’s going on in all of
a sudden every single person around me every single thing around me the table
the rocks on the ground like the ground itself like my shoes my own beat
everything was just morphing into trees after trees after trees and like little
shrubs bushes and like nature and nothing was itself anymore and all of a
sudden I was completely in a forest and I felt like I was like alone because
everything had turned into trees and so I just remember feeling like I was in a
forest and everything was trees and then I didn’t know what to do or how to get
out of this and like was I gonna be stuck like this forever and then
everything went black and that’s all I remember and so the
next thing I remember is I woke up in his bed I guess I had passed out on the
ground I didn’t hit my head on the ground like really hard but I did hit my
head and then I woke up in his bed to all of my friends around me like wake up
wake up like are you okay are you okay like Tana, Tana wake up and I was like
like that’s what happened like the best way to describe it is like like a lizzie
mcguire movie type should’ve was like HUH And then I was like fine I didn’t
feel high I didn’t feel like I was on the drug I didn’t have a head
I didn’t have a headache i didnt have a hangover I was like yeah like what the fuck is going on and for a
moment I thought everything was a dream and I was just sleeping and they were
like no you smoked salvia you thought we were trees you thought everyone was a
tree like are you okay and I was like yeah I’m fucking fine I was still so
convinced it was a dream that I was just so weirded out that in that moment I
went home I left my friend there for like an entire week all my friends I felt
like were so weirded out by me because I was so weird like they all had a
completely normal trip on salvia and I like freaked the fuck out so then I get
home and I start researching it and it’s actually so common for a lot of people
that after they smoke salvia as soon as they exhale they lose all sense of
reality and that you’re also never supposed supposed to smoke a second
inhalation of it you’re only supposed to hit it once so like hitting it twice and
this was already really common it’s just like what did it for me and then a lot
of people will smoke it and then just being an entirely alternate universe
they can’t feel any sense of anything just like me it’s not like where’s like
acid or shrooms people are just seeing like cool colors or things like that
like you’re physically completely in a different world because of the drug if
that makes sense yeah that is the time that I smoke salvia and if you take
anything from this if you’re gonna smoke something smoke trees tell me that that’s not such a funny joke but really if you’re
gonna smoke something don’t smoke salvia I guess smoke weed I feel like that’s a
better lesson just don’t fucking smoke salvia I don’t give a fuck if it’s legal
like it’s not a good drug and bad trips on it a really common honestly like if
you want to hallucinate I guess just like do acid my advice is not good in
this video don’t smoke salvia don’t do drugs read the Bible go to school okay
so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video
mom if you got to this point again I’m really fucking sorry like seriously give
me a call we can talk about it subscribe follow all my social media below I will
talk to you guys in the next video and I love you so much bye


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