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HYDERABAD FISH | Asthma Allergy Medicine | Full Details

HYDERABAD FISH | Asthma Allergy Medicine | Full Details

Hello Dear friends , I am Shanid Ks welcome to my video blog. Today i am came in front of you with a travel blog I am going to explain hyderabad asthma fish medicine this is a good treatment for asthma allergy we have seen in this some films as a comedy. This is not that its another .original medicine today i explain all about this treatment and showing its video of 2018 all details that means if you going there there will not any doubt about this so let us see video it is hyderabad nampally exhibition ground near railway station this treatment only once in a year only for 24 hours that day named as mrigasri kaarthi its name is bathni fish this is original from their family all other outside are duplicate the secret of this medicine only know that family all diet details are in their website after consumption of medicine they will give little quantity of medicine that should take on the noted date on their website and notice now i am near 400 meter of that exhibition ground i am staying in this saptagiri deluxe hotel subtly hotel near exhibition ground i ame here with my friend he is an allergy patient. he came now for his third time when you come select any nearest hotel i will add some hotel details in description of this video that will help you to find hotels near it hotel should be nearest this ground otherwise next day very risk to going early i am shooting this video 1 day before the medicine day should go early 5:30am to get good possition in que then we can get medicine within 5hours tomorrow 9 am will start this medicine distribution it will every year approximately jun 8 tomorrow june 8 after 24 hours it will end from airport 35 kilometer to here will take one and half hour because traffic railway station is near 5 km we can search in internet laso ok go early morning. because thousands of people will came there Gary but there’s I think another
generally I’m a lacuna kabayan get you can see that in this video there is very police controlling other wise there is many chance for accident rain will not effect que i will show everything here is very traffic and very sound pollution here people using horn more than accelerator while driving they like horn very much ha ha ha in our place not like this more than one horn people will angry there i am shooting with my mobile and headset so video will not more quality so please co-operate reaction chaotic even beginning okay I’m
okay I’m okay lets go there before that one thing please subscribe my channel and press bell button pres like and comment also now iam in front gate of exhibition ground please attention under the bridge be very carefull because there very traffic be careful while road crossing . cross with the help of traffic police see the crowd. medicine is distributing tomorrow now here afternoon people always coming to here this plastic bottle is for taking medicine rupees 5 for each buy this before going to que tomorrow in que you will get tocken i will show that on que tomorrow this is the entrance to the ground vehicles not allowed ministers and news channels will visit here this is inside of ground we are going to see que possition see now some que are half filled there is a board that Que for tocken Que numbered as Rope party 1, Rope party 2 like that every rope party controls with police This is Rope party 3 it starts at 9 am tomorrow if you come early morning to Que medicine will get approximately 11:30 am Ar Rope party 10 will distribute tocken Rs 25 for 1 tocken Rope party will end number 22 or 23 anybody cant overtake Que up on our our first to reveal good tomorrow will very que because this medicine only once in every year hindi name is machili dhava everybody will get the medicne i came just out from que area we can see some outside seens i will add gate google map location in this video description that will help you to come here toilet and emergency medical camp are available here this Que is for food here two sections providing free food i think here is good food because big line this crowd is before 1 day of medicine so you can imagine how is tomorrow let us see police camp on left side after entering gate see the dog scuad this is the exit area after medicine then ok friends let us see how will be the next day see that to day june 8 morning 5:30 pm iam in main gate now i have entered inside very crowd let us see Que line. now Que filled till rope party 2 my friend saying the last year at this time the Que was at rope party 10 an important thing, before 3 hr and after 1.5 hr of medicine taking don’t take any food or water change cash for Tocken 25 rupees should be ready in your pocket catch strongly in handrails when Que moving This is Tocken distributing area they giving Tocken under direction from control room here is fish distribution area give your tocken here and take fish in cover here is the fish with the fish go to next eating section This is hyderabad fish medicine eating we can see here 2 years old childrens also for medicine treatment after eating fish take this yellow medicine in bottle make 6 capsule with thsi at your home eat that medicine as per the instruction in notice and website for that they have specific dates do like this when making capsule for protect from bee now you are seeing people comes out after treatment ok friends then we have completed the treatment now time 12 pm still very crowd peoples flowing through main gate ok thanks for watching share this video to your friends if any doubt please comment or see comment and the important thing is Please please subscribe my channel please subscribe channel please support me dear thank you, keep watching my videos

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