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How Your Sleeping Position Affects Your Health

How Your Sleeping Position Affects Your Health

how your sleeping position affects your
health it’s late at night so you turn off the lights and crawl
into bed is your sleeping position on your belly back or side how you sleep
can be linked to many health issues your sleeping position can be the cause of
back pain and snoring and also how often you wake up at night in some instances
your sleeping position can also reflect the type of personality you have for
some of you sleeping may be the best part of your day it’s the moment of your
day when you get to unwind lay back and rest and escape the worries of the world
a bit some people on the other hand might hate sleeping because they may be
plagued with insomnia night sweats night terrors or even chronic nightmares
whether you enjoy sleeping or not you can’t deny that having a nice little
catnap when you get the chance is one of the greatest things the human being can
experience keep watching for the most common sleeping positions and what they
do for your health as well as weird things that can happen to you while
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miss our new videos number 8 the belly if you sleep on your belly you’ll tend
to toss and turn to get comfortable this can cause severe neck pain and
lower back pain because it puts strain on those areas of your body according to
health line number 7 on your back this position can cause lower back pain if
you have sleep apnea or snore sleeping on your back can make it worse because
your Airways are narrower the solution is to put a pillow under your knees if
you’re sleeping on your back everyday health states that it’ll help your spine
maintain its curve if you’re curious about your sleeping positions and what
types of weird things can happen to you while you’re asleep keep watching until
the very end coz we’ll tell you about some weird
life examples of some of the weirdest things that can happen to you while
you’re asleep number six soldier according to WebMD eight percent
of the world’s population favors this position this position suggests that you
keep close to yourself because you sleep with your arms close to your side number
five spooning if you cuddle up with your partner you
may be prone to waking up often but cuddling your partner can help the body
release oxytocin which can help lower your stress according to Fox News less
stress is good in relationship number four your side if you have issues with
snoring you should sleep on your side if you snore loudly you might be suffering
from sleep apnea according to WebMD this can lead to high blood pressure and
heart disease number three back pain sleeping on your side can also help
reduce back pain says WebMD to help put a pillow between your legs to take the
pressure off your hips and back number two pregnant women experts recommend
that pregnant women sleep on their left side says the American Pregnancy
Association this will allow more blood and nutrients to flow to the baby
number one starfish if you are experiencing back pain or neck pain this
position helps rest the neck and spine it also helps reduce acid reflux since
the head is elevated and substances cannot enter the esophagus from the
stomach according to WebMD so if you’re noticing
that you’re experiencing neck pain when you wake up in the mornings you may want
to try out sleeping in this position speaking of sleeping positions what
about things that people unconsciously do while they’re asleep some people do
some really really weird things in their sleep from sleepwalking to sleep driving
some people are just plagued with sleep issues that leave many of us scratching
our heads so now that you know how your sleeping position affects your health
here are some weird things that can happen to you while you’re asleep as
well as some real-life examples of people these things have happened –
which ones are you guilty of number eight homicidal somnambulism believe it
or not homicidal somnambulism or sleepwalking murder actually exists it
happens when a person kills someone while they’re sleepwalking the most
famous case is the case of Kenneth parks who was acquitted of murdering his
mother-in-law in 1987 while he was sleepwalking and as shocking as it is to
hear that sleepwalking murder is an actual thing apparently so is emailing
someone in your sleep a 44 year old woman reportedly sent dozens of emails
to her friends while she was asleep and has no recollection of it she did say
though that her friends responses were quite hilarious number seven nocturnal
sleep-related eating disorder nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder
or NSR IDI is a sleep related eating disorder s re D which is characterized
by eating food when you are completely asleep people who suffer from this
disorder have no conscious memory of eating while they’re asleep they are
completely unaware of what they are doing when they’re eating occurs number
six sleep artists believe it or not some people have actually created art in
their sleep ly hard win’ is known as the sleepwalking artist and comes from North
Wales Lee says that when he was four or five years old he began drawing and
painting while in his sleep Lee says that he does not remember painting when
he wakes up and cannot replicate any of the artwork when he’s awake
number five sleepwalking one frightening story about sleepwalking happened in
2007 when a teenager from Germany jumped out of a four-story window it turns out
that the 17 year old boy was not trying to commit suicide but rather he was fast
asleep he was lucky enough to escape with just a broken arm and leg
here’s another crazy sleepwalking story in 2005 a 15 year old girl from London
was found curled up on top of a 130 foot crane at 2 o’clock in the morning her
rescue operation was called while the girls slept 130 feet up in the air it
turns out that that girl was known to sleepwalk and that she had climbed the
entire crane while she was asleep number 4 sexsomnia this may come as a
surprise to you but apparently getting frisky with strangers is something that
some people do while they’re asleep there is even a term for this condition
and you guessed it it’s called sexsomnia people who suffer from this condition do
not remember performing any sexual activities once they woke up
number three sleep cooking I know it sounds crazy right well just like people
may sleepwalk or sleep eat sleep cooking can occur as well people have been known
to boil water start the stove all while they’re asleep
of course like other sleeping disorders they don’t remember any of it when they
wake up number two sleep talking as we all know
sleep talking is totally a thing it’s not entirely known why people sleep talk
but lots of people do it in fact Dion McGregor a famous American songwriter
who was also a chronic sleep talker he was so much of a sleep talker in fact
that his conversations were recorded and put together on an album called the
dreamworld of Dion McGregor he talks in his sleep
in 1964 number one sleep driving believe it or not there are some people out
there who even sleep Drive when this happens a person will sleepwalk to their
car and actually begin driving when the person wakes up
they have no recollection of the memory whatsoever so what position do you sleep
in and have you ever done any weird things while you’ve been asleep tell us
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