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How To Use The Backpod (shorter version)

How To Use The Backpod (shorter version)

This is the Backpod and this is how you use it to stretch out a tight, hunched, thoracic spine So we start off with it roughly between the shoulder blades it doesn’t matter too much where because you are going to be moving it up and down and out to the sides a bit to get your ribs as well. So we start roughly between the shoulder blades Lie on your back on the Backpod with it around about there. Let yourself come down Maya, and you’re coming back to about there. Bring your hands behind your head and link your fingers. That’s stretching the pec muscles here. And bend these knees up so that takes the load off the lower back. Now stay in that position for about 30 to 60 seconds. It should be a bit uncomfortable, which means it is actually stretching. It should not be too hard or too painful, which means you’re trying to stretch too much in one go. If it is; just put another pillow under your head, which makes it a milder stretch; or put some folded towel over the Backpod itself; or start off by doing it on a bed, which is a bit springier. So the idea is it shouldn’t be actually painful to use. . You just give enough of a stretch each time that it’s perfectly fine and perfectly manageable Don’t run before you can walk.

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  • The Backpod has been instrumental in resolving my costochondritis; I am so very thankful for both it and for Steve, the terrific physiotherapist/teacher. 🙂

  • I bought this device last year and it worked. It’s legit. Definitely the real deal. Here’s some context of my situation..(prepare to read) lol
    For my work I was constantly involved with strenuous lifting about 100-150lbs and then I suffered a mild impact to my chest. I was experiencing pain in my heart area about three weeks after the impact. So I didn’t think it was related to the impact. I then went to the doctors and after chest X-ray, heart monitor, blood test, everything came back negative. I went to the doctors because of not only the pain but also I thought I was having heart attack symptoms. So after useless medication and workers comp of physical rehab…NOTHING WORKED. I then googled like my life depended on it and came across a condition called Costochondritis. After reading about it, I knew it’s what I had and I told my workers comp rehab doctor and she had no idea along with two other doctors. (WTF!!) so I googled Costochondritis home remedies and BOOM. BACKPOD came up. I stopped the medication and the rehab and I started using this backpod thing. Cuz I wanted to see this work by itself. This device does NOT work overnight. Commit like three weeks and you WILL see results. About eight months later to this day ALL my symptoms disappeared and haven’t reoccurred.

  • I am still having the pains after about three months of usage but I'll keep using it and hope for the best.

  • Hi Steve, I am from Argentina and suffering the costo nightmare for the last two months, I could finally get the backpod five days ago and I have been using it daily three times a day. Is that fine? My breathlessness is getting better but the pain is still there not at the center of my chest as it was at the beginning but know it appears at my costal sides and near my breasts. When does usually the pain begin to disappear? Many thanks

  • I’ve been having Costo for the past 10 months. I’ve taken inflammation medication, been to the ER 3 times thinking I was having a heart attack, & seen a Rheumatologist & Lung Specialist for my pain. I’ve had multiple Chest xrays taken, blood tested, & EKG’s done. All came back Negative & my vitals are in good shape. But I still suffer with this condition at least every day. It was worse last year when it began & has gradually been Tolerable .. but it still keeps happening. I’m 22 years old. I haven’t worn a bra since the pain started, & I have to hold my seatbelt slightly off my chest when I drive bc it starts to hurt. Also I’ve been wearing very loose shirts because fitted shirts make my chest pain start again. My whole chest is very sensitive to touch. I’m too young to feel like this… I also have scoliosis but it is very minimal. Will the back pod work just as well with my scoliosis? Will I feel more Pain with the backpod if it’s putting pressure on my back ?

  • I can't afford this so I used a rolled up towel and…I'm sitting straight for the first time in like 15 years, without wanting to slouch more. It feels like air is in my upper back whereas before, it felt like a brick. Does this mean my ribs were frozen? I have costocondritis. The biggest reason I want to get rid of this is because it causes my heart to race and when I try to sleep, I jolt awake from the pain and racing. When I did this exercise, I started yawning like crazy, like someone flipped on the relax button

  • Hello I have been dealing with costochondritis since August 2018, it felt like a heart attack I could not do nothing afterwards at all. I could not twist I could not turn I could not even cook because lifting pots hurt like a …… Fast forward to now June 2019 the pain has traveled down to the bottom ribs and the back and the side. It hurts to sit to long, it hurts to breathe deeply , it hurts to do anything. I have not been able to do anything since August basically and when the pain seems to ease the next day or so the pain is once again bad as ever. I bought the back pod and I tried it out only once because it made the pain on my ribs feel alot worse. So I never used it again, I seen so many success stories on your channel so my question to you is should I keep doing the backpod stretches ? And is pain just happening because of the tight ribs. My doctor had a CT scan and x-ray done to m and everything came back clear and was prescribed baclofen that kind of helps but the pain is still there kinda feeling like someone is digging into my ribs . I'm just afraid to use the backpod more because I dread this pain and don't want to make it any worse , it has caused multiple panic attacks and fainting. It also has my anxiety at a all time high . Please help

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is giving me my life back after years of upper back pain from poor posture. The first use I felt so much relief. I have now been using it for two weeks and I am down to two pillows. I had a terrible hunchback from years of office work. I also like to do needlework and sewing and this has helped me continue my hobbies without pain. I can not thank you enough for giving me a pain free back. I have suffered many years and tried everything and this is the only thing that has brought me relief. Bravo for such a wonderful invention to help us who suffer with upper back pain. I am the happiest I have been in years!

  • What do we do we have similar symptoms in the lower ribs..say 6-12?..ribs being stuck…popping clicking sound In the front? Will the backpod work?

  • I have been using this for just under 1 week now and the results are incredible! Not only has it removed my costochondritis pain, it has increased the flexibility in my shoulder, back and chest amazingly.
    I trained hard yesterday and as soon as I tried to do Dips, My costo pain came back sharp and hard.
    But after leaving the Dips I was able to do a full workout and the pain disappeared within an hour after the Dips.

    Why do Dips trigger my Costochondritis so bad?

    Today I feel completely healed, from Costo.

    Should I leave dips out of my workouts for ever?

  • Hi Steve. I have just purchased the backpod after suffering with costochondritis badly for six months. I've had minor pain in my chest for years but it has only become debilitating in the last year but it maybe that I've had the underlying issue for longer.

    Unfortunately I also have a longstanding problem with my right shoulder which occasionally flares up with pain for certain exercises or positions. I am finding that when I stretch with my hands behind my head that after a few minutes my shoulder starts to hurt and I am unable to do anymore. Is there any other position for my arms that you could recommend that would still perform the required stretch on my back? Would raising my arms behind me work? This does not seem to cause as much pain in my should but I'm worried I'm not getting the correct stretch.

  • Sir, my pain is returning slowly when i stopped using it.. but not as much severe as before.. i hadn't used it in both sides earlier.. now I'm doing it once more.. 3 days and 100% fine.. but do have a fear that pain will return.. from which part we should move to sides.. i do have a knuckle sound on upperback but no pain there.. please do reply doctor

  • Just in the process of ordering one. In part of the world our healthcare is pretty basic and I doubt if the Physios have even heard of this device…got a blank look on mentioning a Theracane (wanted one to prod a few sore areas of my back) same here, stumbled across the Backpod while doing some research. My injury was picked up while carrying a coffin, had several weeks off work and a lot of stress. Looking forward to the Pod…

  • Hiya, I've started using the backpod for 5 days and once a day with three pillows. I've now gone to two pillows and I forgot to do the exercise today and now have a flare up. Is that due to missing a day? And is it recommended to use the backpod during the flare up? (haven't done so as of yet).

  • Steve, I have a dislocating shoulder and the instability of putting arms that far back makes me feel a bit nervous. Do you have any recommendations for arm positions that may expose the shoulder to less instability? In my case I’m trying to fix my Costochondritis

  • I suffer from a very minor case of Costo. The pain is not severe, but it’s definitely noticeable and quite annoying. The backpod has worked wonders for me after about a week of use, with very little if any irritation noticeable. I believe I got the costo from weightlifting. My only question is, would you say it is okay for me to return to the gym? Or give the back pod a little more time? I’ve been away from the gym for about 3 and a half weeks, but only using the backpod for about a week.

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