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How To Stop Vomiting After Drinking Too Much Alcohol

How To Stop Vomiting After Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Hello everybody. Thanks for tuning in
to this episode of two and a half two in two and a a half. Today, I’m talking about alcohol
and alcohol consumption. Well, I’ll talk about alcohol and alcohol consumption
and hangovers, and the reason i’m going to do that is last night, I had a couple of
adult beverages…I went out and had some wine and some beer and by the end of the
evening, I just really felt like crap. This morning, I woke up, and I still felt
like crap, so I wanted to give you at least some general ideas of what alcohol is. I’m not going to talk about, you know, why you shouldn’t drink alcohol. That’s
not the purpose, but I really wanted to discuss with you what your body does, and
how it tries to assimilate and get rid of the alcohol that you drink. Now what
is alcohol? Alcohol is simply a fermented byproduct of a fruit or a
grain. When you think about the fermentation process, you you put a lot of
foods like fruits or the grain with other ingredients together, and the yeast in
this environment react with other certain chemicals in that environment,
and it creates alcohol or ethanol. Alcohol or ethanol is simply a
toxin to the body, and what I mean by toxin is that there’s no nutritional
value in a toxin. All your body tries to do is just fight it and get rid of it. So when
you consume a significant amount of alcohol, what happens is your body gets
overloaded with toxins, and it can’t process and assimilate those toxins at
one time. And all of the leftover toxins are there in our body and
continues to wreak havoc. I’m sure that you guys heard
me talk many times about the crappy diet that we eat and that
process is exactly the same. The body gets overloaded, especially the adrenals
and the liver, and it has a hard time getting rid of these toxins in the environment.
So? Alcohol? what happens when you consume it is that your liver has to try to
process those and get rid of it, and it tries to break it down, and it uses enzymes that try to
break down the alcohol and get rid of it, but by doing that, the liver can’t focus on doing its main function, which is to supply glucose or
one of the functions, excuse me, is to supply glucose to the tissues but
mainly to your brain. So if you do get hungover or drink a lot of alcohol,
what happens, is that your body can’t supply the glucose to your brain and into
the tissues. That’s why you feel lethargic, or weak, or lightheaded the next
morning because your body doesn’t have enough glucose. So you throw that
with the ethanol, and that increases urine production, which then leads to
dehydration, and you have this perfect storm of opportunities to feel
like crud. That’s the way that I felt like this morning. So what I wanted
to give you what would I say is a “hangover alleviator”. Of course, the easiest way to eliminate it certainly, is just not to drink alcohol,
but if you do, this is a good opportunity to to give you a little bit
of natural energy of some natural food. So, what do I use? The first thing that i
use is this: a lemon. You know what this lemon is, but i like it because
it’s alkaline. What I mean by “alkaline” is that when you drink alcohol, it
creates an acidic environment or very toxic environment. So the lemon helps
to stabilize the blood sugar; it grounds the body a little bit. It brings it to the
alkaline state. I’ll take a half of a lemon, cut it in half, and I’ll squeeze as
much as I can out of that and put a a little bit of it in a glass. The next thing
that I’ll do is get some raw organic honey. It has to be raw and organic,
not the pasteurized crud that you get in the store, but the raw organic honey. I
like it because its antiviral; its antibacterial; its antifungal, a lot of
great properties in raw honey. You should have this in stock anyway. So, I’ll put
one to two teaspoons of that with the lemon, and then I’ll put in a about an
eighth of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. The reason I like Cayenne is that it’s a natural
stimulant, but it’s also a natural pain reliever. So again it’s a great home remedy
tool, and it’s a great spice. I’ll use that. Now if you have an upset stomach, you
can use some ginger. I’ll grate some ginger maybe, and put that in there as
well and that soothes the stomach. The last thing is that probably most people
aren’t familiar with, but this is spirulina. I have this. I like this, and you can get
this at a health food store but spirulina itself is one
of the most complete sources of nutrients of any food on the planet. So I
love this. It helps increase blood flow, but it’s something that
will take every day. Then what I’ll do is mix all of that together
with my Jared’s ProPops Ginger Ale Soda you guys have heard me talk about that.. my probiotic & fermented drink soda. Or you could just mix it with water, but I’ll sip it over
you know 10 to 15 minutes. Don’t gulp it down, but just sip it and let your body get
used to the ingredients and assimilate those ingredients that I just told you
about. If you don’t have these, you can buy something like a b-complex vitamin here
that tends to help and alleviate a lot of the symptoms. And also just drink a lot of water. You know, those are all standard products. I
appreciate you guys turning in for this episode of two and a half in Two and a
Half. Comment on it if you like what I have to say, certainly you can do that or subscribe to it. I love subscribers, and Isend out a lot of
information to my subscribers. So certainly do that. Or you could right
here at the bottom you could ask for the e-book, or if you have questions, I’ll
be more than happy to send you out an e book that talks about enzymes and its role in
breaking down foods and helping you feel better. So i appreciate you guys coming
in for this episode of two and a half in two and a half. See you guys on the
other side. Take care

6 Replies to “How To Stop Vomiting After Drinking Too Much Alcohol”

  • Do you have your own "hangover alleviator"? Please share what you do, drink, or eat to reduce the effects of drinking too much alcohol.

  • I definitely enjoy my sober nights a lot more than my drunk nights. Age definitely plays a part. I don't bounce back like I use to when I was younger.

  • Great Video! Excuse me for butting in, I would love your opinion. Have you tried – Saankramer Life Card System (should be on google have a look)? It is a great one off guide for learning how to stop drinking minus the normal expense. Ive heard some super things about it and my friend at last got amazing success with it.

  • I don't understand how lemon is alkaline if it has a pH of 2. An alkaline substance has to be above pH of 7. Is this a different kind of alkaline?

  • Ive been drinking since i was 13 i am 25 now and the hangover/sickness is killing me nowadays. When my family said as you get older it gets worse i didn't expect it to be so soon 😂I never used to get so sick but recently it has been proper painful and every day im throwing up. Is it normal that around this age it becomes almost unbearable?

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