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How To Stop Night Coughing

How To Stop Night Coughing

Hi welcome to another video of Stressed Out
Stress Free dot com my name is Vincent Woon. In this video we are going to talk about night
coughing. My wife and my daughter have been coughing like crazy every night and it has
been sleepless week for all of us. What happened? What happened? My wife received an email from
a friend based on a research done in Canada and in order to get rid of night cough, there’s
one simple method and later on I found out that’s another method that my friend told
me long time ago that I actually forgot. Let me show you what you to do. First get
the Vick’s Vapor Rub and put it on the feet, rub it like such and after that, you put stocking
/sock on it and you are set to go but I’ll put a little on the chest, that’s to sooth
down the chest area and it’s closer to the nose and it’s good for the breathing.
So we did the test on both my wife and my daughter and the first night there was little
coughing and the second night the coughing was completely gone for my wife but my daughter
has been coughing. On the third night what I did was I added a little bit more on the
feet and also on the chest and she coughed maybe once or twice and then slept through
the night and finally it works! After all these I remembered a friend of mine
told me what he did for his kids when they were coughing. He had a Vick’s Vapor Steam
Liquid Medication. What he did was he put the liquid onto the well of a warm mist humidifier.
Make sure you get the one with the well like such and when the steam comes up, the air
circulate the whole room and it sooths their breathing and lessen their cough.
I’ll put a link of these products in my blog and I hope that this will help you at
the least ease your night cough and I hope it works for you too.
Thank you very much for watching and if you have any comment, please leave a comment underneath
the comment box and if you have any a question on anything that you want me to share, let
me know and I’ll be glad to share with you. Don’t forget to visit my blog at http://www.StressedOutStressFree.com
and I’ll see you in the next video.

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