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How to Sleep Comfortably during Pregnancy

How to Sleep Comfortably during Pregnancy

How to Sleep Comfortably during Pregnancy. The later stages of pregnancy bring an array
of discomforts that can disturb sleep. Gain a more restful sleep with these tips. You will need A long body pillow A humidifier
An eye pillow and heartburn medication (optional) (optional). Step 1. Avoid leg cramps with proper hydration. Stretch your calf muscles during the day and
wiggle your feet to move leg muscles. Step 2. Limit your liquid intake in the evening to
one warm, non-caffeinated drink. Empty your bladder before going to bed. Step 3. Take a warm bath or shower before going to
bed to set a restful mood. Step 4. Use a body pillow to provide additional support
to your midsection and alleviate pressure. Put a regular pillow between your knees for
additional comfort. Body pillows range from generic long pillows
to specially designed maternity pillows. Step 5. Treat heartburn with medication or by sleeping
in a more upright position. Check with a doctor before taking any medication. Most doctors recommend that pregnant women
lie on their left side for optimal blood flow throughout the body and uterus. Step 6. Run a humidifier or open a window to alleviate
swollen sinus passages. Step 7. Wear an eye pillow to block out light. Did you know Did you know? Women typically gain three to four pounds
in increased blood volume during pregnancy.

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