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How to Shave Your Chest: Men’s Grooming Tips | Gillette STYLER

How to Shave Your Chest: Men’s Grooming Tips | Gillette STYLER

Here are some tips on how to
get a smoother, more comfortable shave for your chest, including
skin prep, shaving, and equipment. Whether you call it
manscaping or body grooming, masterful body shaving
is all in the technique. But it also helps to
have the right tools. We recommend a razor that also
trims like the All Purpose STYLER from Gillette. Choose the trimmer length
that’s right for you. And run the trimmer back and forth
to remove as much hair as you want. With the waterproof STYLER, you
can even trim in the shower. Next, time to shave. If you haven’t yet, you want
to take that hot shower now. It softens the hairs and allows
the razor to glide more easily. Apply shave gel. Lather it up all over to help
hydrate hairs, improve razor glide, and help protect against
irritation while you shave. Shave with light, gentle
strokes, rinsing often. Just be careful around those nipples. Avoid shaving directly over them. If the blades feel dull while shaving
or if the lubrication strip looks faded, it may be time to grab a new cartridge. Make sure to moisturize afterward to
keep your skin smooth and hydrated. And that’s how you do it. For more tips, watch these videos. Subscribe to the channel to
find out when we add new ones. And tell us your favorite
tips in the comments.

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