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How To Recreate The Smell Of A Kiss

How To Recreate The Smell Of A Kiss

Hey internet. Toby Cooper
here, tackling sciences biggest questions one
at a time. Today’s episode, kisses. Why do they smell the way
they do, and how can you recreate the smell of
kisses without leaving your apartment. I’ll explain all of that,
and more in today’s How to Make it. [music] So we’ve all smelled a kiss
before, or at least wondered about it and one
thing’s for sure, the smell is
distinctive. Webster’s defines kissing
as pressing one’s lips against another person
or object, and that’s all well and
good when you are kissing your grandma. But when you’re really
kissing like you would on a date, it’s more than just
pressing. It gets pretty involved… shall I say, and
a new ingredient joins the kiss. And that’s where
the smell begins. What’s the ingredient
you ask? Well, I won’t beat around
the bush. It’s spit. Now… anyone who’s smelled
spit before knows it’s not a very strong scent on
it’s own, but this is where things get
interesting. Odor causing compounds such
as bacteria, and amylase are ever present in our
saliva. They just don’t smell when they are
dissolved in spit. Only when the spit dries do
these compounds come out in full force. And if your
kiss is any good, it’ll last long enough for at
least some of the spit to dry on your partner’s
face. And voilà, that’s where the kiss smell comes
from. Holy pizza. I just got chills. [bell rings] Now this wouldn’t be a how
to make it video without a how to, and I’m happy to
say that recreating a smell of a kiss couldn’t be
simpler. You don’t even need a
girlfriend. You can produce the exact
same conditions of a kiss using your hand, and spit. First, lick the back
of your hand. Next, give the spit
15 seconds to dry. [music] Now, all you have left
to do is smell. [magic like sound] Bada-bing-bada-boom. Smells like a kiss. I myself have never kissed
before, but I know it does, because of
the science. And if you don’t believe
me, you can just ask your dad, because he’s kissed
your mom. Thanks for watching, and be
sure to subscribe. Next episode, I’m going to
talk about how to recreate the feel of a woman’s
breast using nothing but a soggy pumpkin. See you then. [music] [Funny or Die ending jingle]

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