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How to make a vomit machine – MCMTV2

How to make a vomit machine – MCMTV2

Marty: [Unintelligible] Moog: You see me squatting down?
Marty: I got you from the back of your head but… Moog: And now all you got to do is make a piss shake. There’s something very wrong about this. Moog: So Martin…aww you fhhh you [record player skips] [Marty laughs. Moog dry heaves] [Moog vomits] [Again] So if you’re wondering how we achieve our amazing vomiting effects. Uh, the principal is pretty much the same as our boost leak tester. You need an air compressor, a whole lot of tubing. Uh, we used breakfast cereal, orange juice, uh mustard seeds… …carrot that uh Moog personally chewed up, beans. Thats about it. And then just a hose. For the…projectileness (sic). [Marty makes vomiting sounds]

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