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How to Handle Heart Palpitations

How to Handle Heart Palpitations

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  • not sure if i have palpitations but i feel like a sense of fear or like i am going to die inside my chest. I feel this when i am sitting down at home or in class, i get this chill or hot flash going thru my body for a few seconds and sense of dying, and i feel the need to get up and leave and my heart beats hard and fast and i still feel like i am going to die afterwards when i sit down. Right now my heart feels normal, but i still have sense of dying.

  • @NewPSCity thats how i felt yesterday…its the first time that happened to me and its like you cant help but feel like youre gna die and your mind is just racing and you feel like youre going crazy…i just hope i dont get that anymore…

  • I get them alot and ive been to the cardio doc and EKG and Echo are fine. He doesn't recommend a stress test because i don't exhibit any of the 5 criteria for heart problems. Try anti-anxiety meds like Xanax, that should calm you…just watch how you take them. Almost everyone has these, and the important thing to remember is THEY ARE NOT LIFE THREATENING.
    All the best and if anyone has more info on how we can keep these alarming feelings away from us please write me…

  • @red88alert i don't panic i just feel my heart pounding slightly hard right now and a tiny sense of fear or dying right now in my chest. I cannot sleep at night and i usually just try to calm down but i still feel my heart pounding. It goes away after a few hours. I have my cardiogram in a few weeks. Hope u get better like the rest of us.

  • @NewPSCity youre very strong for not panicking…ive only had one such attack that lasted like almost 2 hours yesterday…n at night i felt like i was gonna get another attack but i just took a pill that they gave me and i just tries to go to sleep only achieving it until like 5 am…ive been ok today and well see how i do tonight but i guess i kind of just have this sense of fear that im gonna get it again…i wanna be strong…i wanna feel good again…

  • @red88alert I really feel what your going through, its just a horrible sensation, it was worse for me a few weeks ago, not panic attacks, or i am not sure what it is. Its a irregular heart beat i sense but if i put my hand on my chest it feels normal, about 60-70 beats per minute. my heart also sometimes skips a beat and thats when i get that tiny fear and i wake up during the night and walk around to calm down. Its been bothering me for a month now. its a little better right now.

  • @NewPSCity its a terrible sensation but we can pull through…it helps to talk to other ppl who share the same struggle…ive been ok so far since 2 days ago but i dont wanna think that im out of the woods yet if im not…i really do hope you get better…i hope that you continue to progress in your recovery and stay strong…

  • @red88alert I hope u get better soon too, i have an echocardiogram test soon, i hope this helps to find what my problem is ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @NewPSCity thank you i was prescribed prozac and xanax yesterday but i dont want to take it until i know i cant handle it…in the ER they gave me klonpin but ive only taken it twice…so far im just trying to see a psychiatrist maybe…what do you suggest i try and ask for with the doctor to try and see if what i have is really what they say i have???

  • @red88alert so are the meds helping you in anyway? Just yesterday i went outside to buy some things and after drinking a cappuccino about 30mins later while walking my heart started to beat fast, i got that feeling back again of dying. i did not feel good and felt like throwing up. I wanted to go to the ER again but i decided not to go. I also had some pain, like a needle poking me on my left side. but at home i felt a little better. I have my echo this week, Happy new year by the way.

  • @NewPSCity im sorry to hear that its a very horrible feeling ๐Ÿ™ but maybe you should stay away from caffeine because my care at home instructions said that caffeine can cause that sort of reaction…dont worry though youre not the only one fighting this because i feel at times too that my chest wants to hurt where my heart is but i have decided to have faith and pray and to be as strong as i can be and not take any of those meds…i hope you continue to keep moving forward and happy new years!!!

  • @hotchick8408 Totally relate to what you've just written. Just last week I was at work when I suffered from rapid palpitations that caused me to have to go to the emergency room. It was very frightening and now I am just waiting for a date to come through for an appointment with a specialist after being in hospital for a few days. So it's quite an anxious time and similar to yourself I seem to suffer irregularities at night. Particularly as I'm about to drift off I suddenly awake. All the best.

  • @red88alert hey wats up, longtime no Youtube ๐Ÿ™‚ I got my results from my echo I had and guess what, everything is normal, I was expecting that because from what I have read online from others who suffer from this that their results show Normal signs, My doctor recommended that i use a heart monitor, so how are you doing?

  • @NewPSCity thats really good to hear ๐Ÿ˜€ hows everything been so far for you since the last time???ive been better i can say that…i havent had an attack in a couple of weeks and the last one i had was manageable…the only thing thats still up with me though is there are times when i feel kinda outta breath at times…but other than that ive just been trying to move forward…some of my muscles twitch too at times but oh well…i hope that gets better…

  • @red88alert i still feel this hard pounding at night or when i lay down to sleep. but its gotten a bit better, hope they can get better results with this heart monitor. its good that you have not had a panic attack for a couple of weeks, just try to really ignore it and go on with your life.

  • @NewPSCity like you can feel your heart pumping hard and it sort of moves your body withit???is the heartbeat when it pounds like this elevated or its a normal heartbeat???yea i do my best to ignore that but i am thankful that ive been able to make progress…i hope we keep moving froward!!!

  • scares the crap out of me only happens when im doing NOTHING very wierd because im a athlete and it slows down instead of fast

  • Was tired. Had a 15 minute nap. Was in the kitchen. Went to sink. Went from sink. (normal stuff). Heart beats shot up to 240 bpm for 20 seconds (I remembered the frequency and calculated 4 beats per second). Had an ECG (Electrocardiogram) today: Resting heart rate at 54 bpm. Need to look into it further. Sleep apnea?

  • @TheMrkanyewest yeah ill send you somthing im not that freaked out anymore i can deal with it easy now because of this

  • They also usually died earlier of other causes that we cure now, so more of us live long enough to experience heart disease now. Not that we shouldn't be walking more anyway, but still.

  • Reduce caffeine intake is what my doctor told me..seems to happen every time when I mix caffine and a jolt of anxiety. Doc told me you can depress your diaphragm like when giving cpr, but with less force or hold your breath..it supposed to help reset your rhythm, but slow shallow breaths work best for me.

  • I have constant palpitations, and i have had them for over 2 years! It all started with a caffeine attack and hasn't gone since. To accompany these palpitations is breathlessness, a blinking twitch, chest and stomach pains and uncomfortableness in my leg muscles!! HELP!!

  • I used to have the same exact problem its probably Atrial Fibrillation .. i got radio frequency ablation 98% safe and they completely went away dnt smoke or drink too much when your older ,, reason im searching this up.. i got them back from smoking and drinking so much , but i had them exactly when i was twelve too. im gonna quote you " Why The Fuck did they return " bad habits its pretty lame..

  • Anyways it depends do you get rapid heartbeat out of now where, for about 5 or 10 minutes then it just goes away? Do you feel dizzy, kinda have shortness of breath and like a sharp milder pain? If that's the case try barring over (lean your chest forward and create pressure) another way is at where you check the pulse on your neck, apply pressure with your 2 fingers right on the pulse it should create pressure and slow it down (not for too long tho) But go to a Cardiologist/Electrophysiologist

  • yes they are out of no where and i do get shortness of breath and pain and thank you for the tips, im probably going to visit the doctor soon

  • Wow…the type of heart problems talked about in this video are not caused by "poor diet" and lack of exercise. They're just using it as an excuse to get people to "eat right" and exercise! It's caused by overactive heart cells and imbalances of electrolytes. Whether you have a fat-full heart or a fat-free heart, you can get palpitations!

  • god, i'm feeling so bad recently, my heart is gone wrong, and i just don't know what to do :(, because when i get to the doctor i haven't got the palpitations, they just come and go, and last night they came really bad, i felt like dying (seriously), but this morning they were gone again, so just don't know, i know what to do, I smoked "something "really bad last week and i know is that but i can't tell my mother or the doctor, so what i should do??? i didn't smoked more "shit" since then ๐Ÿ™

  • Hey my palps turned out to be LPR and GERD, it can affect your hearth rhythm! Check out these things if your are experiencing this, I went on the GERD diet and they are GONE. What a blessing.

  • I've been waking up with these the past three months or so.ย  I'm owing it to anxiety (I hope).ย  I got an EKG about three weeks ago and they tell me everything's fine.ย  Or at least everything's fine at the moment.

    I think of our organs like machines.ย  If a machine is overworked, the parts begin to go bad.ย  I really wish someone can convince me that this isn't bad for you in the long run.

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  • Please someone help
    I had my first heart palpitation a few days ago
    just now my breathing went weird say heavy and I felt dizzy
    what should I do I'm scared out of my mind

  • My mom says she and her mom both have palpitations and she told me her doctor said they were harmless. I have skipped beats 1-3 times a minute and sometimes my heart will flutter for like 1-2 seconds and go back to normal, and I'm guessing that's palpitations & I don't get faint or anything. So I guess I'm alright I'll just ask my doctor in August/September (hopefully August but my mom wants to wait until September so the insurance pays for it)

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