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How to Go Gluten Free

How to Go Gluten Free

Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here. Welcome to my kitchen.
Today I’m going to be talking about how to go gluten-free. The reason I think it’s so
important to go gluten-free is gluten is really hard for most people to digest. One out of every
133 people has Celiac disease, which means, they don’t digest or tolerate gluten at all.
One out of every seven people is severely gluten intolerant, which means if you eat
it you’re going to notice an outward reaction. Now also I’ll say this, I can tell a difference
myself when I eat gluten. Specifically when grains aren’t sprouted, I just feel fatigued
and lack of energy. And those of some symptoms you may have if you are gluten intolerant.
If you have weight gain or let me just say this, the benefits of going gluten free are
typically, you’ll lose more weight, you’ll notice improved digestion and often times
it will help your thyroid function at a higher level. You’ll notice more energy and feel
thinner. Overall you will notice some differences in your body when you go gluten-free. So there
are a lot of reasons why everyone watching this should be going gluten free. But I want to give you some practical steps
right now with what I’ve done in my life and helped thousands of patients do in helping
them go gluten-free. And again, gluten is a protein found in most grains. And there
are some grains that are gluten-free and we’ll talk about those in a minute. Just to start
us off here, I want to open up my pantry and give you guys some ideas here. Number one, let me say this, for breakfast,
rather than doing cereals, bread or something like that, that may have gluten in it, what
I’ve chosen to do is typically do a berry smoothie. Now if I don’t do a berry smoothie
for breakfast, which is basically, berries and coconut milk or berries and amasi and
then a gluten-free protein powder, there are other things you can do. I want to show you a new product that I have
been using personally. Jordan Rubin, a friend of mine, I tried this over at his house and
then bought some myself. These are coconut wraps. Just like you have gluten-free wraps
that are made of brown rice, so that’s a good option. My new favorite things are coconut
wraps. Basically it’s made out of coconut meat, coconut water and Himalayan sea salt.
They are awesome, full of healthy fat and a small amount of carbohydrates. So this is
great for anybody, whether you’re a diabetic or trying to lose weight or just in general
to stay fit. You’re getting raw coconut in these new pure coconut wraps so these things
are awesome. Now some things I do with this is, I’ll make
some eggs. I will fry up some eggs and make a breakfast burrito. For lunch, I’ll actually
make some chicken salad and throw it in here. Anyways, using these wraps has been awesome.
These are pure coconut wraps here. Again, gluten-free and raw alkaline option, pretty
awesome there. I’ve got those here in the cupboard. Another thing I will do for breakfast, actually
this is my special mixture I made up. This is made of golden flax seed, chia seeds and
hemp seeds. And I will put a several tablespoons of that and every morning for breakfast. Again,
doing different nuts and seeds is a great way to go gluten-free. Another idea, something I did last night for
dinner was I bought some grouper and I made pistachio-encrusted grouper. So I bought some
different pistachios. Also, I took some different flours here. This is almond flour and so nut
flours are gluten-free flours. Whether you’re cooking chicken, you can encrust it with almond
flour or, again, a nut flour. Or again, you can use actually coconut flour, it’s another
good thing, Coconut, you can see here, labeled “coconut,” another coconut flour I have there. I tend to buy mostly gluten-free flours and
I buy most of my flours at a general convenience store called Kroger. I know they have them
at Publix. You can also check Whole Foods. Obviously, they have most of these. Another
thought is if you have a Vitamix, a food processor or a Blendtec or just a powerful blender like
I do here. I would throw nuts and seeds. Like last night, I took raw pistachios, put them
in the blender and ground them up myself and made my own flour and then encrusted the grouper
with that. Tonight, I’ll probably do chicken and actually
do chicken encrusted with almonds and flax seed and actually coconut flakes. But there
are some ideas for going gluten-free. Now another thing you can do with your flours
is you can buy just general, like this is Bob’s Red Mill. You can read here, “gluten-free
pancake mix” and this is basically made up of garbanzo bean flour typically. So bean
flour, beans are also gluten-free. That’s another option there and Bob’s Red Mill Flour.
There are a lot of different options there to do as well. So again, nut and seeds and
coconut, almond flour and coconut flour are some of my favorite ways to go gluten-free. Another option, rather than doing a sandwich
for lunch, or if you want to do a sandwich and use bread, again you can do a coconut
wrap instead. You can do brown rice flour instead or you can also do something like
you can get gluten-free bread made of brown rice, amaranth, quinoa, or millet. There are
some options for you. But instead, I typically like to do a big salad and top off the salad
with some chicken, maybe some walnuts as another good option. Snacks during the day, some good gluten free
snacks, again something like guacamole and sliced bell peppers or my favorite gluten-free
crackers. Mary’s Gone Crackers, dipping those in some hummus is another good option. Or
another good dip is doing some salsa and again using some avocado to make your own guacamole
at home. Those are all great options in going gluten-free. So here are your action steps for going gluten-free.
Number one, change your breakfast. If you’re doing grains, cereal, breads, things like
that for breakfast, switch it out, start doing that berry smoothie for breakfast or a burrito
with a coconut wrap. For lunch, rather than doing a sandwich with
gluten-containing bread or chips, what you want to do instead is do a big salad or do
some chicken salad or just skip the bun altogether. For dinner, skip the pasta, white flour, white
rice or any of that stuff and go ahead and start doing . . . you can get brown rice,
pasta if you want to do something with pasta. In general, I tend to do double or triple
vegetables and then do chicken, fish or something like that and encrust it and cover it in an
almond four. Then again, remember snacks, you can do nuts
and seeds. You can do guacamole, hummus and salsa. Things like that. Different dips are
a great option. Raw cheese is one of my favorites with the Mary’s Gone flax seed crackers. There
are some options for you on going gluten-free. Again, the benefits. If you go gluten-free,
you’re going to notice you have more energy, you’re going to lose weight and your metabolism’s
going to be up. You’re going to notice less bloating. You will typically notice your joints
feel better as well, feel younger. So a lot of benefits going gluten-free. At first, when I started to realize that I
needed to go gluten-free, I thought, “That sounds like it’s going to be hard.” But you
know what? If you follow some of the action steps, it’s going to be no problem at all.
Hey, thanks for watching another episode of Maximize Your Health. I am Dr. Axe saying
go gluten-free.

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  • corn has gluten in it, but its not the type a celiac would have a response to. dont eat corn thats not organic, it has alot of mycotoxins in it. those are just as bad as gluten if not way worse. good luck in your quest for optimized health.

  • corn has gluten in it, but its not the type a celiac would have a response to. dont eat corn thats not organic, it has alot of mycotoxins in it. those are just as bad as gluten if not way worse. good luck in your quest for optimized health.

  • potatoes, corn, lentils are cross reactive foods meaning if you consume them, it has the same effect as eating gluten in MOST cases. look it up if you don't believe

  • These are some good alternative food tips, but this video does not address any tips that people who have actual celiac disease need to know in order to go gluten free.  If people do not pay attention to potential cross contamination they are not actually eating gluten free.  For example, using a toaster that has been used for wheat bread, and eating cross reactive foods.

  • Very nice Josh! I realize that even as a healthy, toned young lady, gluten still has a MAJOR affect on my digestive system! I know exactly what I must do!

  • Yeah, go gluten free AND be happy if that's enough for you. 
    I'm GRAIN free and on Autoimmune Paleo. Now that's hard!
    Going gluten free and eating all that processed junk like store-bought gf food products, e.g. coconut wraps, rice flour, nut flours (cause inflammation – search for "oxalates") is actually very easy. 😉

  • Thank you for your video. I have one question do you have to dry pitcher for your Vitamix? I ask because you can make your own gluten free flours if you like. If you go to one of the demo shows in your area the pitcher is $100 if you buy it online at Vitamix then it is more. 

  • Hi Dr. Josh Axe .. Thanks for teaching me so much this is great work this shows how much you care keep up the great work.

  • Are you thinking about going Gluten-Free? Here's a video on how to get started!
    #cleaneating #healthyliving #throwbackthursday  

  • Never heard of the wraps, they sound great. Jordan Rubin's another great man to listen to. Doc you have so many answers to many of my questions. God bless you and your work. Can't get enough of ya.

  • These are very good tips. I actually eat this way and feel a lot better. But, I do worry that the bean flours cause gas.

  • Cross reactivity – Tapioca, sorghum, buckwheat, arrowroot, quinoa, corn, coffee, milk, eggs, chocolate, soy, rice, potatoes, sesame.

  • This video was exactly what I needed, I was looking for an educational video on different gluten free flour and there versital uses. Thank you so much doctor =)

  • Thank you so much for sharing these gluten free meals! I have been gluten free for over 1.5 year and my Fibromyalgia pain is under control. I wish you had this video in spanish I have a friend that was told by her doctor to go gf for her fibromialgia pain. She needs this video in spanish! 👏👏

  • A gluten free diet is easy to follow, it is all to do with your mindset. When I found out I needed to follow a gluten free diet, I never had trouble, I switched immedietly without any need to try and adjust. My thought process was about all the good things I could eat, not what I could not. God Bless.

  • Dr. Axe, first of all I luv ur videos: brief, str8 fwd & PACKED with information!!!!   My question is; on those coconut wraps what brand is that????

  • Hi Dr. Axe! I have a question? Does nuts seeds and good fats such as avocado give you acne? I have hormone/genetic acne since I was nine! I am 28 and still suffer from this! I am looking into going gluten free but I also heard that nuts and mainly the good fats will give you acne? Is this true?

  • The NIH Celiac Disease Awareness Campaign seeks to heighten awareness of celiac disease among health care professionals and the public. The Awareness Campaign stems from consensus recommendations of an independent panel of experts convened by the NIH to assess current diagnosis, treatment, and management of the disease. The consensus panel concluded that as much as 1 percent of the U.S. population has celiac disease, but the vast majority remain undiagnosed. 

    1% is not nearly as many as you people say. With all the chemicals invvolved with removing gluten, you are probably worse off eating gluten free! Just like decaffinated coffee…the chemicals to take out the caffeine are worse than the caffeine itself!

    Stick with natural foods and eat right…Get on the JERF Bandwagon (Just Eat Real Food) and you'll be much better off!

  • @Sirena TellYouLater, the wraps I use are called Pure Wraps.  Check them out: http://www.thepurewraps.com/

  • @Katie McManners I recommend eating wild-caught salmon or grouper instead of tilapia.  Here's why: draxe.com/eating-tilapia-is-worse-than-eating-bacon/

  • @Chad Williams Check out my article "What's the Deal with Gluten?" draxe.com/whats-the-deal-with-gluten/ Also, "Is it Time to Give up Gluten?" draxe.com/is-it-time-to-give-up-gluten/

  • @Zene, check out my resources on eating healthy on a budget: draxe.com/healthy-eating-on-a-budget/ and draxe.com/eating-healthy-on-a-budget/

  • @Eve Peters, Yes!  I have plenty of delicious and healthy gluten-free recipes on my website: draxe.com/diet-type/gluten-free/

  • I don't have Celiac disease, but I have been diagnosed as having gluten intolerance. I'm having a difficult time as I love bread. It's so difficult! I am not supposed to use gluten, wheat or grains! I try to stop but not doing so well!

  • hey I've tried to cure my acne for over 5 years now. I've tried everything but decided to cure it with food .I also noticed whenever I eat wheat (most Kenyan foods are from wheat) I literally fall asleep like my brain is tired. so am avoiding wheat as much as possible the problem is in Kenya such gluten free products are almost impossible to find. the ones I find are super expensive just cause they are imported. but thank for the tips n I love your videos

  • If a person doesn't have Celiac Disease or is not gluten intolerant, they shouldn't go gluten free because many gluten free products have more fats & sugars that would make a person gain weight not lose it. I did lose weight due to my Celiac Disease & the gluten free diet helped me gain weight. If a person eats gluten free foods, they could have iron deficiency or anemia from not having it from gluten grains. I know this bcuz if I don't eat my gluten free foods for a while, I feel shaky, dizzy, & I have blurred vision. I've been on the gluten free diet for 10 years, from when I was 9.

  • I have hypothyroidism, it still ok to have that raw cheese? By the way , love all your videos always so informative!

  • but for kids in egypt we need bread and coconut is not easy to find what to do please help me because my kids have adhd

  • I really like your idea of encrusting fish with nuts, I am vegetarian but my partner eats fish. Great &yummy tips here overall. Thank you for this video.

  • I have inflammation issues and was told I need to watch Gluten, dairy, and sugar. They suggested PALEO eating..whats your thoughts on PALEO? some GF stuff is paleo complient but some things are not..any advice appreciated Dr Axe

  • Heya, the best results that I have ever had was with fatdeleter i found it on

    google Without a doubt the most useful diet that I have ever tried.

  • I felt so good after 4 days of gluten-free/low carb. I don't know why I stopped, but right now marks going into my third day of going gluten-free/low carb! I'm tired of suffering from daytime sleepiness, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, etc.

  • thanks man I've been going gluten free for one month now and I feel great I go to the gym four times a week and I find I have more energy and my stomach is more tighten up thanks to gluten free…

  • Yea….if an alternative meal is far more expensive than eating bread it's not really an option lol
    Not to mention who has the time to prepare all these nice meals everyday…

  • all of the gluten free products are not good either, they still use refined flours and sugars. too many carbs are not good for you

  • I'm DM-1 and also have celiac disease can you tell me that if a celiac disease patient is continuously taking gluten containing diet then what would be the extreme result with him????

  • Does brown rice really don't have any gluten? And what do you eat, as a main meal during the day, beside sandwiches and burittoes stuff ( I'm talking about grains)? Would be really interesting to hear.

  • hi Dr. Axe
    I'm starting to have gluten free diet. I know the Ethiopian tiny seed flour – teff is one. but kind of unsure the contents and difference between the Ivory and red. do you have any idea

  • When I went Gluten free for 20 days. I became excessively attractive to all women on my state. They get nervous and flirty when I talk to them or sit next to them. I feel like I am more handsome than Mr. Universe and hot models. hahaha! God bless.

  • Finally a christian doctor on youtube who can constantly talk to me about health! My dad has a doctor friend and hes an herbalist but your talks are waay shorter and easier to follow. Im 13 and I heard that starting early is best. God bless you!!!!!

  • Very very helpful for me. It only occur to me that I'm gluten intolerant. I was going bananas not knowing what to eat but thanks to you Dr Axe, I have got plenty of ideas now. 😀

  • Gluten free is easy if you eat Asian foods. Europeans love their bread and pasta. I like Sri-Lankan, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese foods. Most Asian foods also have no dairy.

  • I am trying to figure out how to eat. I found out friday that i have problems with gluten, corn, beef, soy, nuts , and night shades. I found most gluten free options use corn, soy, or nuts. Problem is i cant have any of that please some one help me

  • Dr. Axe, why do you not recommend eating gluten free bread? store bought and or homemade. And what if you make it yourself? Is it simply because it is processed or for other reasons?

  • Going gluten free with homemade food is the best! Most people assume that some store bought gluten free foods are healthy just because the label is advertising so, the truth is they are full of GMO corn & soy, industrial inflammatory oils like canola, xanthan gum (often derived from GMO corn and triggers allergies) and many starchy refined flours!

  • Dr. Axe, why amassi? It is fermented from cows' milk which I thought you didn't approve. TY. Love, Love, Love your videos.

  • Just had cassava and crusted fish with all kinds of spices and dill in it. I am doing no grains whatsoever. Once you learn what you can substitute it becomes easy.

  • Hello Dr.Josh Axe. I follow regularly your videos and they are helping me a lot! Especially on gluten free subject. I have recently found out that I am highly gluten intolerant and it's very hard for me because I am not sure anymore what can I eat and what I have to evoid. I wanted to ask you about buckwheat. Can I use it to make bread or not? Big greetings from me and keep on making these wonderful videos!😀😘👍

  • It would have been more helpful to tell me what gluten is in. I can go gluten free more easily if I know what it is.

  • Another option for going gluten-free but be eating savoury fruits like squashes, tubers or, vegetables as a form of carbohydrates.

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