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How to Give a Reflexology Massage : Massaging the Heart Area of the Foot

How to Give a Reflexology Massage : Massaging the Heart Area of the Foot

So we’ve covered the head, nose, eyes, ears,
throat, brain sections of our Reflexology massage. We will now move down into our lungs
and our heart. And to do this, you’ll use one thumb and keeping gentle pressure, you’ll
do again your two-second holds or now that we are going into bigger parts of the foot,
with some larger muscles and some larger organs, you can do tiny in-place circular squeezes
gently rotating your thumb in a clockwise direction. And we’ll do this along the ball
of the foot in three different lines. So one right under the base of all of our toes; one
across the middle-top of the ball of the foot, and one right at the bottom of the ball of
the foot, right in the center. And again, we’ll repeat this three times for each of
our three lines. And this area is where the lungs and the heart are, where there’s a lot
of big, big organs that require a lot of blood flow. And so, if there are any areas of pain
or sensitivity that the client notices in their feet, you can add some extra holds or
pressures onto those areas as needed. Or, if you’re done with your three sets of three
horizontal lines, once you’ve made your three horizontal lines across the ball of the foot,
you can add a little extra attention around the base of the big toe, which is your heart
and your thyroid and all of your aorta. It’s sort of a cardiopulmonary center for all of
your nerve endings in your feet. Or, if the person is complaining of shoulder pain at
all, you can focus a little extra attention on the web between your last two toes which
is where the shoulder joint nerves all end up. And while you are doing this, you’ll want
to make sure, because we are dealing with the lungs, you want to make sure that your
client is breathing nicely, deeply, evenly and isn’t exerting any signs of pain. And
then, once we are done with the lungs, we’ll move into the middle of the sole which corresponds
to the middle of your body.

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