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How to Cure Asthma ( in Hindi ) By Kailash Mantry ( life Coach)

How to Cure Asthma ( in Hindi ) By Kailash Mantry ( life Coach)

MY name is kailash mantry and i am from Mumbai. i am a life coach and mental health consultant. from the past 25 years we cure more than 50 diseases which according to medical science can’t be cured and needs medicine. today i will talk about asthma let us first understand some facts about asthama the first fact about asthama is that it is 100 percent curable more than 40 crore people in the world suffer from asthma more than 4 lack people in the world die of asthma attacks this disease can affect people of all ages but most patients are children there are two main causes of asthma psychologically and psychically 80 percent people suffer from psychological and 20 p from physical there is a famous dialogue about asthma that asthma leaves when a person dies which is a lie people have believed this so they don’t even try to cure it get out of it it is not a lifelong disease if it is in the initial stage, it is curable in 10 days if it is 10 years long, it is curable in 100 days let us know the psychological reasons the main psychological reason is such people have a diplomatic nature are hypocrite in nature and are not open to sharing they feel helpless they worry about small problems and keep worrying if they will hurt them not to cause pain to others and don’t share much if the parents are dominating, if the family members are dominating,one can get this disease when someone doesn’t have the ability to open up, due to any fear this disease occurs the psysical reasons are lack of oxygen in the way asthamatic people breathe, oxygen doesn’t reach the lungs the millions of atr sachs get closed their breathing becomes shallow breathing also becomes disturbed because of cold and cough if there is less oxygen in the air,this problem arises if someone smokes nearby, there is pollution due to kitchen smoke this problem arises if a child i violent by watching violent movies or wwf calms himself down such children are restless and are helpless if life’s ground rules are conflicting, there are dos and don’ts there are many rules of the family such families are easy targets of diseases there are 3 main symptoms of astama 1 difficulty in breathing 2 chronic cold and cough 3 prolonged coughing after waking in the morning or before bed coughing for a very long time these are the 3 main symptoms its root cause is psychological and emotional disorder most children suffer from it because mother forces the child to drink milk consumption of dairy products leads to cold and cough eating bakery products biscuits,pizza,noodles pollute the body since these aren’t cleaned out oxygen intake is affected and more gas is produced in the body which is also a cause of asthma if more gas is produced in the body and it isn’t removed properly some people do natural treatments to clean their body and come back feeling good and they have less breathing problems let us discuss the home remedies to control asthma number 1 PRANAYAM THE MORE OXYGEN TAKEN the more asthma will be controlled number 2 DRINK WARM DRINKS example cinnamon tea 5-7 times a day asthma is controlled eat warm food and soups the cold is subdued and the risk of attack reduces the food which must be avoided if you suffer from asthma number 1 DAIRY PRODUCTS number 2 BAKERY PRODUCTS NUMBER 3 SOUR EATABLES mango ,pickle,etc must be avoided number 4 GREASY FOOD example; fried food fried food causes attacks and prolonged suffering acupressure plays a vital role in curing this disease it cures asthma temporarily if the asthma attack is severe the patient has to be admitted in the ICU to make the oxygen reach the lungs this disease occurs due to lack of oxygen if any of your family members gets an attack, you should be calm and not panic and help them to take oxygen and do whatever you can this disease is 100 percent curable because its root cause is psychological if it is in the first stage, we cure it in 10 days if it is in the last stage, it takes 100 days to cure this disease brings uncertainty, insecurity outings and travelling become uncertain and stressful the person becomes restless he thinks he won’t be very comfortable this disease gets aggravated due to fear if asthma isn’t treated lungs get infected and pneumonia attacks happen this is a non genetic disease if the environment of the home is such parents in the family have asthma children live in the same environment and have the same food then children contact asthma in this disease inhaler plays a crucial role in times of emergency and for temporary disease some people use inhalers throughout their lives which is unwarranted as this disease is curable i am not using any technical language such air Sachs ,etc swelling, infection i am speaking in a common man’s language asthma is a psychosomatic disease we have cured asthma of more than 1000 patients in the past 2 years all the patients had psychological reasons of the disease if their psychology is improved and they are made healthy physically 100 percent recovery is possible are the reasons due to which this disease occurs people who use inhalers 10 -20 times in a day can rid its use in 10 days acupressure,body massage pranayam, food restrictions regular exercise are very crucial to help cure this disease to understand the root cause of this disease, we have developed a mind mapping technique in which we discuss more than 300 reasons out of which the patient has to choose i will again like to say that this is 100 percent curable the first stage is cured in 10 days and and 10 year long can be cured in 100 days the main causes of this disease are psychological and 20 percent reasons are physical asthma treatments usually not effective temporary treatments such as inhalers are fine but they aren’t good for long term usage psychological and emotional treatments are a permanent solutions one should deal with it it is 100 percent curable thank you

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