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How to Clean Your Tongue | Benefits of Tongue Scraping

How to Clean Your Tongue | Benefits of Tongue Scraping

Hi everybody I’m Monica Bloom, Banyan
ambassador and creator of heymonicab.com Today I’d like to introduce you to
my special little friend the tongue cleaner, my tongue cleaner and I spend very precious moments together every single day and using my tongue
cleaner is a super important part of my daily hygiene routine I couldn’t imagine
going a day without it actually I think once you see what a tongue cleaner can do, how fresh it makes you feel and how it improves your oral health you’ll
probably feel the same way! A tongue cleaner works by gently scraping
undigested food particles and natural toxins off your tongue if you think
that’s gross consider what might happen if you don’t use a tongue cleaner that
natural accumulation of debris and bacteria sits on your tongue like all day
and all night it’s kind of like leaving your leftovers in the car on a hot day
but hey let’s focus on the positive and all the awesome stuff we can do about it
that will support our oral hygiene and in turn our health. Cleansing the tongue
regularly freshens the breath, removes blockages to the taste buds – which
enhances the sense of taste and smell and even supports a healthy body because
those unchecked toxins can be reabsorbed into the body via the mouth and gross. okay here’s
how to do it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach
grab your tongue cleaner by the two ends and then you’re gonna — oh wait a
minute hold on! There we go much better anywho stick out your tongue and place
the middle portion of the tongue cleaner as far back as you can comfortably go if
you go really far back you’ll feel the gag reflex kick in and that’s normal but
that’s not what we’re after we’re not trying to swallow swords here or
anything so take your time with it and don’t feel like you have to get back
there right away gently press down and draw the tongue cleaner forward to
remove any unwanted coating on your tongue rinse your tongue cleaner after
each gentle straight beam and repeat the process however many times you like or
until your tongue feels clean. Most people do it about seven to fourteen
scrapes you may have noticed I said up gentle
scraping, scraping too fast or too hard can really hurt so it’s important not to
overdo it especially at first. You can do it every day, the morning is actually the
best time to practice particularly on an empty stomach. Why? Well here’s a neat little
fact: In Ayurveda the tongue is considered to be kind of a blueprint for
the body as a whole with different parts of the tongue corresponding to different
vital organs! Coincidence? Of course not, everything in Ayurveda is connected!
Another action of the tongue cleaner is that it gently stimulates the tongue and
correspondingly your internal organs this little massage kick starts your
digestive system preparing it for all of the eating you’ll be doing that day.
Banyan botanicals’ tongue cleaner is stainless steel lightweight and has a
really good edge for scraping. If you’re still hungry for more info on cleansing
your tongue or other Ayurvedic daily routine practices take a bite out of our
Ayurvedic health guides, blog post, leave a comment or question. I hope you enjoyed
this video and that you also develop a long and lasting friendship with your
tongue cleaner, bye!

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