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How to Burp a Baby – The Easiest, Fastest, Most Effective Method

How to Burp a Baby – The Easiest, Fastest, Most Effective Method

Hi Youtube, this is Dean Ferraro, nice to see you. Good Afternoon. This is my son Alex and today I’m going to show you how I burp him. I just fed him and he’s showing signs of
being a bit uncomfortable. See… do you hear “eh”? That means he’s got a gas bubble or something working on that he can’t get out. He’s not strong
enough to burp himself. So here’s the easiest way that i found. Take your baby,
sit his behind right on your thigh. hold him here, like this and in the back grab his skull. (Very gently of course.) Just go around in a nice circle. “BURP!”
One circle, that’s all it took! But he’s still kind of… there’s another one! Then just very gently go around and what this is doing is it’s engaging
his ab muscles so that he’s squeezing himself. All I’m doing is facilitating it. Just keep going slow. Get it out. Sometimes I use my leg just to go
back and forth just to loosen him up… Oh, there’s another one! Feeling good? Then once they burp and relax
like that then you know they are done. That’s “how to burp your baby.” Have a good one, bye.

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