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How to Bathe, Change & Feed a Baby : Tips for Burping a Newborn Baby

How to Bathe, Change & Feed a Baby : Tips for Burping a Newborn Baby

Hi I’m Vanessa on behalf of Expert Village.com
we are going to talk about burping your baby. Andrew thinks he is still hungry but he is
really tired so I am trying to use a pacifier to soothe him but he did just eat so we have
to burp him. So the thing I like to do is sit him up like so and to burp him sitting
him up this way. What I like to do is put the burp cloth up under their chin and then
you hold them with your fingers like so supporting their head very well and holding on to their
chin. It looks like you are choking them but really you are just getting a firm grasp on
their jaw. So you lean them forward your newborn will just curve and lay its face nicely in
the palm of your hand and then you just burp them. You just pat them on their lower back.
If that is not working for you, then just use the traditional over the shoulder burping
method; that also helps to calm them. Pat him on the back for a good 2 or 3 minutes.
Now some babies burp a lot and some babies burp a little. If you are nursing, they are
not going to burp as much as if you are using a bottle. Some babies spit up a lot and some
babies don’t spit up as much. It is okay if your baby spits up a lot. Andrew likes
to spit up a lot but he is gaining weight sufficiently. Just make sure they are going
to their doctor and getting their regular check-ups. If they are gaining weight, then
they are getting enough to eat. Even if it seems like they are spitting up an awful lot,
that’s okay. Some babies don’t burp that much. If they don’t, that’s okay too.
The reason you want to burp them though is because a gas bubble the size of a pin head
can cause severe pain in a newborn. So if you burp them, then that gas gets out of their
system and it doesn’t have to go through. This poor little guy is so tired so we are
going to go. That is a little bit about how to burp your baby.

37 Replies to “How to Bathe, Change & Feed a Baby : Tips for Burping a Newborn Baby”

  • Expert Village MY ASS!!! Gaaaahahahaha!
    Woman was completely hopeless, clearly a fretful mother.
    She shoved the pacifier (or dummy as we call it in the UK) into the poor little mites mouth.

    You get and F

  • Yeah, I've seen all of those videos and I did wonder where they conjured this lady from. It was hard to believe that she actually got sexual before. hehehe

  • Patting them on the bottom actually works well. The way I've done with all my children is to pat on the bottom and then rub up the back. I never wanted to pat them on their back that many times.
    I cannot believe that they put this woman as an expert. She had no idea what she was doing with that poor baby. Did you see how she had her entire hand over its face with her fingers going into its eye?

  • This isn't abuse no. I agree with you there. But a wicked job is not how I would describe her. She was clumsy with the infant and appeared very unsure of herself and the infant appeared even more unsure than she did. Not what I'd call an expert kid by a longshot. By the way, I'm not young, a college graduate, and the mother of several children.

  • No, offense but if a baby spits up a lot, you're probably holding them wrong or moving them too much after eating. And talking about supporting the head while gesticulating around with that hand doesn't really help the head to stay up, either.

  • I feel what you feel. And most of her video she force the baby put that rubbish rubber in the mouth. She doesn't know how to take care baby, we say it? No! the baby is the one tell us, cry and cry and cry………..

  • but I don't think you burp and feed a baby , you're just "controling " it , I think you meant handling . And please , just don't say Vannessa shouldn'd be a Mother or something similar , this is an excessive insult to any mothers , and actually she wasn't that bad afterall , just watch again and listen to her words carefully , she had mentioned that the baby was tired , so the baby was just struggling for a sleep , remember , the booking of time was set by the expertvillage , so don't blame her.

  • I think that all of you are just been mean to her…sit on a couch with a screaming baby when you're trying to talk something that is important to help other people…and see if you don't get nervous just like she does…you all say that "she's cruel…she's mean" but I bet you couldn't stand the cry of a baby for 'bout 5 minutes without freaking out…PLUS…she know her baby, she knows he's tired…and babies cry and scream when they're tired.

  • All her videos are with that poor baby and he is normally not very calm if you want to know HowCast is way better than EXPERT VILlIAGE for baby clips! oh and normally to she does put her hand in his face to make him stop moaning! poor child!

  • She looks like she is going to start crying any minute. Obviously she needs help, before to get a nervous breakdown. Why the hell is she making this videos??? And why when the baby is tired or hungry???

  • after reading all these… i feel scared to ever have a baby………………. i will feel the whole world is judging on my every little action =( if i made the baby cry i would cry even harder than him…………………… please leave the mothers alone it's hard enough to raise a child already…. you don't even know anything about her…. if she didn't love her boy and care for him… he wouldn't be looking that healthy! T_T it's very seldom for a mother to not love a child!

  • @TheZelda1979 i dont care what my mom does i hate her. and i hate babies, especially this one in the video

  • oh my god, I feel so bad for her! she's trying so hard, and that baby is giving her nothing but grief. in every video she's made, that kid constantly screams at everything. I really wondering if something is wrong with him. just look at her, she got halfway through, and is on the verge of tears.

  • I had no idea a hypothesis from one sided negative opinions could deem factual given so many seem to have expertise in their findings… Oh please, do continue educating with your guesses on how she is not the expert?

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