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How to Balance pH When Feeling Overly Acidic

How to Balance pH When Feeling Overly Acidic

Hi, John Ossipinsky here. The need to
balance our pH, when we’re overly acidic is so important. And I want to give you a
good example. Over the last three weeks I had a really good time, meaning I enjoyed
myself. I had some good friends from New York come out. So when people come out we
tend to be on vacation, you go out to dinners, you’re drinking more and I got
a little acidic. Everyday on the weekend we had a party and again I tend to just
eat what’s there and over those three weeks,
I got acidic. And then Labor Day came and Labor Day weekend again I enjoyed myself
and Tuesday morning I woke up and I knew that I was overly acidic. It’s something
that we all have to get used to feeling. If you’re waking up us with acidity
in your body, that’s a problem. So again I woke up Tuesday morning, I jumped in an
Epsom salt and baking soda bath. Two cups of each in a bath and soak for a half
hour. I took a few more supplements I took a few more systemic enzymes and the
biggest thing is I started eating just fruit. Over these past few weeks my
stomach was bloating, it was really getting annoying, I couldn’t stand it.
Just two days of eating fruit and again I don’t eat a little bit of it I keep
myself full because I’m working during the day and I like to eat so I’m eating
a lot of fruit and my stomach feels half of what it did on Tuesday morning and
it’s only been a day and a half. So, it’s so important to
understand that we need to take a week to clean up after we have a good time,
when we get acidic. And we spend fifty billion dollars a year on antacids and
PPO’s like Prilosec, so we know there’s an acid problem. And a very simple way is
to neutralize your body by eating more fruits and vegetables. Right now I’m
gonna eat fruits for about four or five days and not just a little bit. I’m not
gonna fast, where I’m eating you know a small amount. I’m gonna eat a good amount of fruit to get minerals into my body. And really already I’m feeling much
better but if you’re not a fruit person you could do that with salads, with raw
vegetables, just do it for a few days. I promise you will see a big difference.
The thing to do is to try and do this weekly or every couple of weeks. Take a
few days during the week to eat just fruits and vegetables. Take a few
alkalizing supplements, take one or two Epsom salt baths spaced apart and you’ll
feel much better. It’s really something that everyone needs to do. So I hope
understanding how to balance yourself, when you feel overly acidic, when you’ve
gone on vacation, when you’ve had stress. If you had stress, stress shuts us down
our lymphatic system. So we have to balance our pH. And the most important
thing, when we get overly acidic, is that our lymphatic system constricts when
we’re acidic. In our body everything constricts that’s the tightness we feel. When we become more alkaline we open up. So, if you’ve been acidic for a long time,
you really have to incorporate some type of lymphatic drainage. This manually
opens up the lymphatic system. Immediately begins to improve
circulation and improve detoxification. Many of us are not detoxing, especially
if we’ve had a good time on a vacation or with family. It can happen when you’ve had surgery or trauma. So again
start looking if you’re getting acid, you need to balance it and there are very
simple ways. If you need help, I coach people around the world. I’ll make a
difference in your life. Contact me at OssipinskyHealthAcademy.com Thank you!

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