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Acid Reflux causes and Treatment

How can I ease heartburn during pregnancy? – Reston Hospital Center

How can I ease heartburn during pregnancy? – Reston Hospital Center

So heartburn in
pregnancy is very common, most women have it. And it’s related to the
changes in the hormones during pregnancy. At the end of a normal
menstrual cycle, progesterone rises
with ovulation. And if you don’t get pregnant,
progesterone and estrogen fall together, and it
triggers your menstrual cycle. If you do get pregnant,
progesterone continues to rise. So that at like six
weeks of pregnancy, your progesterone is around 25,
and at term it’s around 250. And progesterone is a
smooth muscle relaxant. So between the stomach
and the esophagus is a muscle that normally is
the gatekeeper for keeping acid in your stomach. And it’s relaxed by
the progesterone. Also as the baby
grows in your belly, it pushes up on
your stomach, and so that we favor acid reflux. So things we can do
to reduce acid reflux are small frequent meals. The stomach takes
about eight hours to empty during pregnancy
from a big meal. So a small frequent meal
shortens emptying time. You can use over-the-counter
calcium carbonate, which is just a oral
antacid, you chew it up and it really– the
commercial on TV is like the sponge that
soaks up acid, same idea. And there are some
other medications that are histamine blockers. The H1 receptor, the
histamine type 1 receptor, is what produces acid. And we can take
medications to block those, like ranitidine, and
the other over-the-counter antacids.

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