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HOME REMEDY TO CURE DRY COUGH PROBLEM II सूखी खांसी का घरेलू उपचार

HOME REMEDY TO CURE DRY COUGH PROBLEM II सूखी खांसी का घरेलू उपचार

Welcome to Health care at home Abhilash D from Mumbai, Santacruz has mailed us He has written that he got cold once He had many medicines that time due to which he got dry cough problem He coughs a lot but it does not comes out that’s why he is very tensed he dont get sound sleep We have very easy solution for this Take 1 spoon carrom seeds Take 1/2 litre water boil carrom seeds in it When carrom seeds will get boiled steam will start coming out You have to take that steam Due to that steam your dry cough will come out You can do this 3-4 times a day After that you will start coughing as you take steam your cough will come out Dont stop once the cough starts coming out Let it go on Apart from this take 20 gms of gooseberry juice Add a pinch of turmeric in it Mix it and have it This will help to improve your immune system And you will get rid of dry cough problem Whenever you get cold take gooseberry’s juice with turmeric Take this in normal routine as well It is good for your hair and eyes So in normal days also use these remedies When it is gooseberry’s season use gooseberry for such things It has lot of vitamin C Vitamin C increases our immune system Gooseberry has more vitamin C than any other stuff like lemon, orange or tomato You said you have taken many medicines I suggest you not to take medicines If you have cold and cough and don’t have anything than take luke warm water Drink Luke warm water regularly it will help you get rid of cough and cold We always wish our viewers happy and healthy life keep watching us Try this solutions and get rid of cough

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  • Great suggestion doc… thankk you thank you so much for this.. it really worked for me… 🙂 .. i am so thankful to yu… thank yu

  • Sir iam Suffering with cough from one week i will take all type of medicines but there is no change please give best solution for it because iam suffering lot

  • mujhe bhot zada khansi hoti hai…chhati ke andar se bhot zoro se khaasi aati hai….kya karu mujhe kafi bade size ke tonsils bhi hain

  • sir i have chest allergy from cold and palloution and my throat is also not working well so kindly tell me what i should use

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