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Holly’s Story | Stop unfair asthma prescription charges with Asthma UK

Holly’s Story | Stop unfair asthma prescription charges with Asthma UK

she was just such a free spirit she
didn’t really let people tell her what to do she was important factor in my
life definitely because she was the one person that I looked up to and I thought
if she can do it I can do it she was very playful, always, mischievous
like a little pixie didn’t like to see anyone being put down or anything she
was very protective of people well her asthma was very mild she’d
occasionally get a shortage of breath to be a bit wheezy so she’d take her pump and
it would be solved no problem we all went over to our friends across the road
it was quite a good evening everyone was laughing it was really happy evening and
then we all came home and everyone went to bed and it all seemed fine and the next
thing you know you’ve I was woken up she appeared at my bedroom door just saying
mum I can’t breathe and that’s when I said to her where’s your inhaler did she
said to me I’m saving it I’ve only got one left we’ve got neighbors that’s a nurse so
Rosie went and got her and they did CPR until the ambulance came and then all I
remember next is going to the hospital and they just said like she didn’t make I was just numb Till they took her to hospital just numbness
couldn’t think This can’t be real a 19 year old girl is one minute is running
around and happy and all the time in the world to – she’s not there now her thinking that she’s got pay for a new
one really prevented her from taking that last one she was on a low income
more than earning much, her boyfriend at the time had actually bought her her previous
prescription because she hadn’t got the money I definitely think that it all
could have been prevented really really easily if she didn’t have to pay for
a new inhaler people are very surprised when you tell them that they’re not free
it’s a life-threatening disease and the pumps need to be there and available and
having to pay for them is a deterrent asthma’s a killer simple as that
they should be free you

3 Replies to “Holly’s Story | Stop unfair asthma prescription charges with Asthma UK”

  • I'm sorry for the loss of your child because I grew up poor but at some point we must take responsibility for our financial situation so that we can change it. The pharmaceutical company can't give away legions of free medication because there's no profit in it and everyone would lose their jobs. They employ a large number of scientists and they expect to be highly compensated due to their level of academic ability.

  • I dont see why asthmatics have to pay for medication just to be able to breath ! …
    … A lot of astmatics who were in control of their breathing have lost there grip on asthma because of The Govt. Decision to use Diesel engines Instead of petrol engines in all autos because it was "cleaner for the enviroment" – And it's these engines that are now emmiting The Particulate PM10 thats causing all the trouble with us Asthmatics !
    They Govt cause's the problem and expect us to pay when we cannot breath – We cannot work – were do they think we can get the money from – When they have put us all in this situation in the first place !

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