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Heart Failure Warning Signs and Symptoms

Heart Failure Warning Signs and Symptoms

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  • American heart if you have eney comments do not send it to another American heart vidio.
    Send it to one of the baby einstein vidioes and YouTube octonots are also asking for more comments.

  • I think something is wrong with my heart as I can't make it to the go from my livingroom to my bathroom without being able to breathe. I also wake up out of a dead sleep gasping for air and I'll be resting and all of a sudden gasp for air. I'm probably just gonna die BC I have no insurance

  • I am 64. After my Congestive Heart Failure diagnosis in 2009 my first symptom were feet swelling, energy loss and chest pains. Suddenly I got weak and dizzy and had severe shortness of breath. My blood pressure was 200/100, respiration was 28 with oxygen saturation of 88 percent. I was extremely short of breath. My doctor started me on blood pressure medications, Lasix and nitroglycerin, the medications helped but not much. In January this year my PCP referred me to Rich Herbs Foundation, i immediately started on their natural organic CHF FORMULA treatment. I had a total decline in all symptoms including the leg and feet swellings, shortness of breath, fatigue, weight problems, excess urination, chest pains and others. Visit Rich Herbs Foundation web page ww w. richherbsfoundation. com. The CHF treatment totally reversed my congestive heart failure condition and most amazingly i can go about my daily activities!

  • I’m scared because every time I breath I have a pain in my heart my sisters tell me it’s just growing pain though

  • I have been nauseous and dizzy for the past 3 days. When I lay on my side my heart hurts. I get dizzy when I stand. I am only 13. On lord. Anyone help?

  • I just have shortness of breath. But I'm really worried for my heart. I feel pain in my chest almost all the time. Could it be heart failure?😟

  • Heart failure u cant drink alot of fluids and no salt low sodium i can only have 6 cups of fluids a day and if u cant breath laying down is a big red flag. Im not clogged my valves are fine its the heart muscle itself.And dont let anyone tell u drink alot of water or fluids worst thing u can do and only walk no hard work outs your heart cant pump well so its working harder you can have a heart attack jogging or working out hard .your Dr will give u a list of dos and donts..
    And no salt 1500 mg or less a day ..and no can food or fast food to much salt..And when ur puffy and sweat alot hugh red flag..

  • I think my heart is failing…

    I was born with a hole in my heart
    And when I was 1 year old it just closed up by its self
    And now my ankles hurt and it’s hard to breath and I really like myself a snack here and there
    But I really don’t want to eat anymore….and I’m only 9….pls help me

  • thanks for your concern about people's health , if someone feels quick vibration in the chest , what does this indicate ,

  • I'm 17 and my chest hurts uh next to my heart and I've been stressing out lately and I've been depressed what does that mean?

  • I have some of these symptoms. Mainly the fluid retention, my weight goes up due to it. it happens even though i don't eat much salt, i am always excessively thirsty. I plan on going to a cardiologist. I will be back and let you all know what happens

  • My new doctor is confusing me. I had swelling on the 7th of March. The new doctor informed me that my heart that is at 50% won't get most of it's strength back. The depressed me since a year ago the doctors told me an enlarged heart can be back to normal. I asked her if it was true that since I had no blockage I won't have a heart attack from pain. She didn't directly answer, yet it shouldn't like I shouldn't count on it.

    Then started delivering furniture on the 11th. By the 13th I felt serious pain in my chest moving a heavy dresser up to a second floor. I have been a mover and out of shape for a while. I knew it wasn't just being weak. The pain was bad on the 15th with tightness in my chest on the 16th and 18th. Today I hurt and it felt like my heart was beating hard and jumping like last weak. The doctor finally called, yet after a series of questions she tells me she is concerned it "may be" my heart. REALLY, doc?! The manager and an assistant manager are starting to no take me seriously. I am imagining laying dead or having a stroke delivering crappy furniture to rent. I just can't tell if it is something else. Doesn't sound right if it is nor to take a chance.

  • Heart failure is difficult to identify at times at the hospital. Doctors have mistook it for heart burn etc so I don't think you're information is correct their saying they "identify it successfully".

  • Oh no, I have three signs. Short breath, loss of apetite and loss of sleeping easily. Guys, pray for me. 😞 I might have a heart failure, please be sure to be careful in your life. That way you can't have heart failures. 😔

  • My heart beats very fast. It started to happen more from 2 months and now sometimes i have problems in breathing. Shortness of breath

  • I went 2 heart Dr. She put me on new Meds, took 3 month 3 kick in. Plus ,no salt ,soda ,fast food, coffee .
    Plus l retired,stress free.Praises The Lord

  • I am feeling a crisp pain in my chest from the past 4 months. And am not having any kind of symptoms except for the pain in left side of my chest. I am worried to talk about it to my parents.

  • I was scared but I’m good YES. Thank you god and Jesus and YouTube and Doctors and Nurses and Scientists and These people

  • I am often confused, have shortness of breath, trouble falling asleep, and fast heart rate.. and I'm only a kid.. ok I'm very scared😭😱😖

  • i want to dr. checked my chest via stethoscope 2 – 3 times but they say your heart is fine chest is clear what does that mean ? but while sleeping i have breathing problem

  • My dad died of this and could have been prevented if the doctor didn’t keep saying it was just low blood pressure and kept messing about with his tablets. His heat was fine they said too. Really confused.

  • I had a class of biology and ever since we covered the heart I couldn't stop overthinking of "what if I ever get a heart failure?" Today I still think that what if my heart is failing and I dont even know because in my chest I get this weird feeling, but it might be that it's just me overthinking.

  • Everytime I swallowed salavi it makes me hard to breath. Is this now a heart attack symptoms??im getting paranoid already

  • I'm 29 with congestive heart failure that stemmed from ppcm. Ive started a youtube channel to document my journey
    I know somewhere there is someone sitting trying to learn more about this illness.

  • I get shortness of breath , chest pain, left shouler and elbow pain i get these flutters that make me almost go unconsious… but all doctors telling me nothings wrong and its all anxiety. Should i be worried?

  • I’m 15 and I’ve been wmoking for a while I have pain in my chest and hands my arm sometimes feels very cold I am dizzy constantly and always mix up my words and can’t concentrate I am bloated and tired all day I think I have really bad heart failure but I didn5 go doctors yet what should I do

  • I am a 13 year old kid don't judge my English.. When ever I press my heart a bit in the top right corner I feel that there is something like a half 2 inch ball and after that whenever I breathe I have pain in my heart…. It also pains my left arm and I am chubby too… That pain stops after sometimes…yes why didn't I tell my parents bcoz I wished they took it serious… I hope u take it serious too.

  • I don’t know what to do because lately I’ve been having trouble breathing but I’m kind of scared to say it to my parents because I feel that they will shrug it off and say, “oh you just need to be more active” When really that won’t help. Any advice?
    My heart has also been like, beating fast and then going slow off and on… I haven’t been eating much and I sort of have been getting dizzy too when I get up. h e l p.

  • Me 16 experiences all these symptoms and more

    Doctor: nah your Fine many people your age do experience that

    -sorry but I don't think so. Nobody takes me seriously and honestly my heart races or I feel like somebody just stabed me in my heart plus all these symptoms in the video and I start getting these more often and longer. I do have it a few times a day. It all started like 2 1/2 years ago. I don't think that's normal. But whatsoever

  • One of my relatives' had trouble with her heart that used to beat in a nutty style very often. She did take a few medicines but all were useless. I advised her to Search the net and she did and came to Planet Ayurveda and got her Heart Care Pack that made her heartbeat in a perfect manner. Now she doesn't tire and works for the whole day.

  • I'm 16 I have cardiomyopathy and as of the last couple months I've been getting very dizzy when I standing ive got an icd should I visit the doctors about it ?

  • I don't know if mine is a heart problem or what. When I'm going to bed I always have trouble breathing though I just finished my 'girly thing' in the CR. And my heart beat is so so so fast like very fast. Sometimes I wake up and Cough nonstop 😔

  • Just lost my grandfather last week due to this, it happened very suddenly. Hard to believe he was healthy just last thanksgiving and now he’s gone. Very sad to watch someone’s health decline with heart failure. Praying for all those who are suffering with it or have a loved one who is struggling❤️

  • I have congestive heart failure and I could fucking care less!!! I hope the motherfucker stops beating today!!!!

  • God, after childbirth my cough hasn't gone. It's been 8 months now, I often have these pain in my back every time I breath in deep through my mouth because I cough when I breath through my nose, then I couldn't inhale properly cause it aches so much. Before it was from my lower right backside, now it's in my right backside. I've had high fever before too, and my pelvic is also an issue.. Find it hard breathing after walking for how many minutes too..

  • I have a question. Everytime throughout the day it feels like someone is pounding on my chest and it gets hard to breathe especially at night. Also at night I get the swelling throbbing feel in my ankles. I also get dizzy a lot too. But maybe it’s anxiety tho i don’t even know

  • Heart and liver for sale… Because my brother was brain death coming soon so any donors to msg me inbox

  • Heart and liver for sale… Because my brother was brain death coming soon so any donors to msg me inbox

  • I don't know if I am suffering from heart disease because I have all the symbol that is mentioned in the video except for the swolling. It's been 3years since I have suffer by it

  • If your heart rate increases to over 100 you are in afib. If you do not treat this you will develop heart failure which is what happened to me. I had all the symptoms in this video. My heart function (ejection rate?) was 18 which is heart failure. I had an ablation and it dramatically improved my heart rate and ith in 6 months my heart function had returned to normal. Afib can be triggered by many things. A very cold drink can do it (no bs) it happened to me and I required cardioversion to correct that one. Heart problems suck however they can be well managed and the truth is you are lucky to have caught the problem and have the opportunity to act on that diagnosis.

  • My dad passed away due to CHF. For 5 years, doctor had been injecting him with steroids to stop his cough until the steroids didnt work anymore. He was diagnosed with heart failure last year when his legs and stomach swelled up. It was too late. 5 years of steroids was a waste of time. My heart is still breaking.

  • After my Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) diagnoses, my cardiologist immediately advised an angioplasty, then another cardiologist was called in to place a stent in the artery to open it up. I was hospitalized for few weeks. I was prescribed a blood thinner and other meds. My condition improved but got worse again within a year, so i started on a natural CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE TREATMENT from Herbal Health Point, the herbal treatment was very effective treating my heart condition and the shortness of breath. I had a total decline in symptoms. Visit their web page ww w. herbalhealthpoint. c om.  I do lots of walking. Lost some weight, eat differently.

  • I’m 21 and litterally get air hunger constantly and coughing constantly is it anxiety or could it be this? I’ve had chest X-rays and been to the doctors but they say it’s fine

  • I told my mum that its hard to breath when i do simple things like walking, and she said that because i don't do much things like running or going to gym. HHow am i suppose to that things when i can't breath at a simple walk? I need help

  • I've been depressed for the past 3 years and then very inactive and not eating well and not even bathing much and now when I cough I have a very sharp pain on the left side of my chest and maybe it's heart disease so that I can leave this world finally

  • No no :"< we went to 2 doctors and they both said I have heart failure, sht I'm just 17 n I dnt want to believe but I guess it's really true :<

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  • Man, I’m scared. My EKG came out abnormal last week and I’ll do my ECHO, and Stress test on Monday. Doctor won’t see me until the 20th 🙁

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