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Heart Attack Warning Symptoms

Heart Attack Warning Symptoms

My heart troubles started when I was pregnant
with my youngest child. I had the symptoms
of a heart attack. It felt like
I was having indigestion. I was sweating. I was throwing up, and then there was
a little pain on my chest. The chest pain was like
10 elephants sitting on my chest and it radiated on my left arm. I had jaw pain, I had back pain. I really didn’t expect myself
to survive. Dr. Cook: In a heart attack, an artery that supplies
the blood to the heart has a buildup of plaque
in the artery that ultimately can rupture
and cause a blood clot to form in an area of the artery
that could block the flow of the blood
down to the heart muscle. And that would cause
the heart muscle to die. Narrator: Some of the most
common warning symptoms of a heart attack
in both men and women are: Chest pain, discomfort,
pressure or squeezing, upper body pain or discomfort
in one or both arms, the back, shoulder, neck, jaw,
or upper part of stomach, shortness of breath. Other symptoms
to pay attention to are: breaking out in a cold sweat, unusual or unexplained fatigue, tiredness, particularly in women
which may be present for days, nausea, feeling sick
to the stomach, vomiting, light-headedness,
or sudden dizziness. Not all people
who have heart attacks experience the same symptoms or experience them
to the same degree. And many people aren’t sure
what’s wrong when they’re having
heart attack symptoms. Even if you’re not sure
it’s a heart attack, you should still
have it checked out. Fast action can save lives —
maybe your own. Dr. Cook:
If a woman’s experiencing signs or symptoms of a heart attack call 911. 911 is really what saves lives because a woman
can receive treatment in route to the hospital. Narrator:
The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s
campaign — The Heart Truth — can provide you
with key information for protecting
your heart health. Brought to you by The US Department of Health
and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Heart, Lung,
and Blood Institute.

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  • weird, i use to have symptoms like these often, and since ive had them so many times, it cant be a heart attack. so then i guess ill never find out when i have one.

  • The warning signs and symptoms of a heart attack aren't the same for everyone. If you've already had a heart attack, your symptoms may not be the same for another. Recurrent cardiac chest pain can include different causes. Women and men can experience a heart condition called microvascular ischemia, which typically is recurrent and carries heart attack risk. All of the above can indicate an oncoming heart attack and should be checked by a doctor. Visit our website to learn more.

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