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Growth Hacking Examples

Growth Hacking Examples

Hey, everybody! Now growth hacking, first of all, is about having the right mindset. Did you know that in the 1880s there was a little brand called Listerine. And Listerine sales were good, but they weren’t good enough. So what the son of the CEO did is he took the Latin word “Halitos” which means “Bad breath”, and he added the cool-sounding “osis” to the end. He created “Halitosis”. So you no longer had just bad breath. You now had a medical condition which you needed to fix with Listerine. Growth Hacking is about the mindset, but it’s also about the technical tricks that some companies use. So, for example, did you know that PayPal in their early days identified Ebay power sellers as their main early adopters? So how did they make these power sellers want to use PayPal? Well they created a bot that would automatically buy products from these power sellers and request to pay only with PayPal. So they were artificially creating this desire by these power sellers for PayPal as the PayPal method Now these are only two examples in the sea of other examples that I can give you What’s more important than the examples, is actually the process The actual growth process through which these companies were able to find these tricks And if you wanna know more about this, you can click on the button up here.

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