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Acid Reflux causes and Treatment

Georgia Reflux Surgery | Acid Reflux Surgery Patient Dorothy | Dr. John Bagnato | Macon | Albany

I don’t think that most people are aware
that that is a surgery that can fix the GERDs problem. During my 30 years of having, they
call it GERDs, I had stomach pain, burning, I had to be treated for burns in the stomach
because the acid had ate some holes in the stomach and I had to be treated for that.
I got this horrible feeling in my chest and I was constantly burping all the time, because
the food wasn’t digesting it wasn’t doing something right so constantly when I ate the
food… I would just start burping all day. For the longest I’ve been relying on medication
to kind of counteract the burning, and fullness and that kind of symptom. When I saw Dr. Bagnato
he immediately put me at ease. I feel great and I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor,
the surgery went well, I’ve had no symptoms since the surgery, I don’t have to take
any kind of antacids anymore. So as of today I’m great. I don’t have to worry about
being embarrassed because when you’re out this stuff is coming up and you’re like
oh my god, and your trying to hold the burp in and it’s like people are looking at you
and I’m like oh my god.

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