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Acid Reflux causes and Treatment

Foods To Avoid For Acid Reflux

Foods To Avoid For Acid Reflux

… Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back. Acid reflux, isn’t it awful that … when
you get that stuff coming up in the esophagus, your back of the throat, can hurt the throat,
can feel a bit burned or sore at times. I had GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease
when I was in my 20s because I was a dumb kid. I used to do dumb things like when I was driving
a truck and I was a student, wasn’t quite really in tune with natural medicine. I was just starting to study, so I’d have
done things to eat like sausage rolls or baked stuff out of cabinets and shops or just crap
like that, a bit of carbonated beverages. And occasionally once or twice a week I’d
get, in the morning, reflux disease. And I could not understand that at all until
later down the track, I realized it was my own stupidity from the stupid, crappy food
I was eating. So if you’ve got GERD, you need to make some
changes, okay. Now I know this video is about food, but part
of the primary things I want you to think about if you’ve got reflux disease is I want
you to look down. The moment I want you to look down for, I
want you to look down at your tummy. If you’ve got a big tummy or you’re a bigger
person, if have an obesity problem or have a weight issue, you need to lose weight because
it’s one of the number one reasons people get GERD, okay. They get lots of digestive issues because
they get this abdominal fat which starts just pushing on different parts of their anatomy. They even get an easily ability for acid because
it’s been pushing underneath around their stomach region. So digestive juices can get forced up much
more easily that way, especially when the person is moving around or lying or being
active. So if you find that you’re active and you’re
coughing and you’re getting a sore throat, you need to lose weight, okay. It’s a clear sign, especially if you’re … You do that at nighttime? Do you wake your partner up? Are you snoring? If you’re snoring and you’ve got GERD, you
really need to lose some weight, okay. Check out the fat around that chin, around
the tummy, okay, around the back here. All this area could be pushing and putting
a lot of force on different parts of the body. Can make you very uncomfortable, so that’s
a key thing to do is weight loss. But what about the foods or fatty foods, fried
foods, crappy foods, foods that you know you should avoid? Potato chips. All right. Potato chips, things like that. Carbonated drinks are the worst things for
GERD. So the two beverages, which I would like you
to avoid entirely for about three to six months if you’ve got a reflux, is anything carbonated
and anything with alcohol in it. Those are the two key things. Some people say coffee, but I don’t think
a cup of coffee a day is really an issue for most people unless they get a reflux associated
with their coffee, then they stop the coffee. But in my opinion, most people who’ve got
regular GERD are eating one key food that that he or she should be avoiding. And you know what that food is, okay. So it could be a naughty yum yum bar in the
glove box of your car, it could be something you buy when you’re going to Walmart or whatever
shop you go to, it could be a little candy bar or something that you get when you go
to the gas station, but something you’re eating on a regular basis will often be provoking
and really causing an issue. Weight’s a core thing. Dietary selections a second thing. So think carefully what you’re eating. Could you snack on some fresh stuff or natural
stuff instead of a chocky bar? When you have lunch, can you make a healthy
choice instead of a fried choice? Okay. Think very carefully about the food choices. A small reduction in fatty, crappy food can
have a big impact on the stomach. Once you’ve eliminated this junk out of your
life, start taking some digestive enzymes, okay. Even if you just start with a mild acid like
lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, just start with that, a little bit of that and build
up to an enzyme. Many people with good benefit from enzymes,
especially if they take the crappy food out of their diet. So that’s my take on it. The last thing, don’t smoke when you’ve got
GERD because nicotine can really aggravate the sphincter, the lower esophageal sphincter,
and make it more leaky and make it more easy for stuff to come up. So people who smoke daily, and who eat fatty
foods, and who are overweight have got a higher chance, a serious, high chance of GERD and
heart attack; and they’re the people most likely to go on medications too. So there you have it. Click on the link below if you want my free
paper in the description box, and thanks for tuning in.

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  • Hello Doctor. Firstly I would like to thank you for all the videos you posted, you helped me understand and learn new information about gut problems that I have been facing for quite a while. Something you mentioned on this particular video is that nicotine is not good and can cause acid reflux. I have been smoking for many years and recently quit smoking but I had to look for other nicotine alternative like (Snus tobacco ) I also tried the vapour method for nicotine intake. My question is can nicotine alone still cause acid reflux if I take it the "safer" way (Snus , nicotine patch,gum). I would really appreciate a reply and sorry for the long comment. Thank you again and God bless you

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